Coinbase Earn: COMP Advanced Tasks... why it wasn't for me

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I always look for cheap stuff, free stuff.

I cheapy, I very cheapie


So when I saw these advanced tasks to get $10+ COMP I was very excited 🤩
But then I saw the tasks 😱 , I couldn't do it. I decided not to do it.

If you want to do it, you should read this 👇 and go get it!

More Compound (COMP) added to Coinbase Earn - Upto $50

Because that's what I wanted to post initially.
But then

Coinbase app and Coinbase Wallet are two different apps, and connect them together they can do good things, make DeFi great... for the first time. However, linking Coinbase Wallet, the decentralized app, to Coinbase and giving up identity? What does this mean... my DeFi wallet will be attached to Coinbase CeFi.
I think this is an evil genius idea for Coinbase to get user info.

But what I do and how much I have in my wallet is nobody's business.

The amount keeps growing and growing everyday and it is not even accurate, so I don't want them or anybody to think that I have got something... 😬 😬 😬 or anything.

So $10 won't do it for me this time.

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happy tears
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  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Hah, fair enough. I respect your reasoning. Not sure I see too much of a problem with Coinbase knowing the ETH wallet address (from their Coinbase Wallet) is associated with me. I don’t like to think about every time I’ve withdrawn anything from Coinbase, since that tells them all the other wallets associated with me.

I don't know exactly what "link" mean... but my coinbase wallet shows the wrong amount so if they send my info with that number to tax people, I will be dead 💀💀💀 next year

Good point, though I think fortunately for now they are only responsible for handing over information to the taxman if your exchange trading for the year is above a certain threshold. Can never be too careful though.