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ANNOUNCEMENT POST - Hive Power Up Day, July 1st 2020


Thanks @traciyork for your post on behalf of @streetstyle for the July HIVE Power UP Day. I'm ready to participate today.

I made a simple table to show my beginning balances on 7/1/2020:

Beginning Balance721.5263,017.228
Rewards Claimed+0.000+0.000
New Balance<721.526><3,017.228>
Powered Up-721.526+721.526
Current Balance03,738.754

First I captured a screenshot of my Wallet before I started my transaction.

Screenshot_20200701 justclickindiva  justclickindiva PeakD.png

Next, I powered up my Hive. Capturing this step in a screen print is important. Below are the steps and proofs for my power up.

Screenshot_20200701 justclickindiva  justclickindiva PeakD1.png

Screenshot_20200701 justclickindiva  justclickindiva PeakD3.png

Below is a screenshot of my current balances after powering up.

Screenshot_20200701 justclickindiva  justclickindiva PeakD2.png


Thanks for this initiative. I enjoy participating each month. Happy July HPUD day today everyone! See you in August.

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  • Minimum Hive Power requirement: lowered from 300HP to 100HP.

  • Pre-Hive PUD post prior to July 1 Power Up has been eliminated. That means there is no need to publish 2 posts. One before the day, and one on the day of the power up.

  • So, for the first day of the month @traciyork asks that:

  1. everyone who can do so, power up any amount of HIVE they are holding on the first of the month.
  2. accounts that are currently powering down to please pause the power down during the hours of the first of the month.
  3. those who are trading and/or selling Hive, not to do so during the hours of the first of the month (and if possible, cancel any type of sell order on any exchanges for the same hours).
  • Special RedFish Rally prize for July:

Ten (10) qualifying RedFish Rally participants will EACH receive:
100 HIVE Power Delegation for 3 Weeks - Sponsor = @traciyork

@flaxz initiative @iamalivechallenge: (Published my HIVE Power Up post today)



Happy rest of the week everyone with whatever your endeavors.


a) JustClickindiva's personalized PHC signature created by and purchased from PHC.
b) Unless otherwise noted, all photos taken by me with my (i) Samsung Galaxy 10" Tablet, (ii) Samsung Phone, & (iii) FUJI FinePix S3380 - 14 Mega Pixels Digital Camera
c) Purple Butterfly part of purchased set of Spiritual Clip Art for my Personal Use
d) Separator Lines Free ClipArt Belt from Public Domain Vectors & ShadedLine from ClipArt-Library
e) All Tribe logos used with permission of Tribe Discord Channel admins.
f) Video of The Terminal Discord created and donated by @sgt-dan to The Terminal Owners for its use. Permission granted by The Terminal admins to use herein.
g) HIVE gif created by @peakstudio for Hive users. Used herein according to guidelines.







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If you are an account under 500HP or 500SP and want to win prizes or delegations, then you can request to enter the REDFISHRALLY by going to @theterminal blog and read how it can help you learn and earn.

Si tiene una cuenta de menos de 500HP o 500SP y desea ganar premios o delegaciones, puede solicitar ingresar a REDFISHRALLY yendo al blog @theterminal y leer cómo puede ayudarlo a aprender y ganar.


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Awesomeness, @justclickindiva! Thanks so much for taking part, and for your excellent PUD post! 😊

One quick thing - you're missing the #hivepud tag, and I don't want you to get missed (right now this post doesn't show up right now when searching for the tag). Would you be able to add it in, to make sure you qualify?

Thanks again, and happy Hiving!

wow, thanks so much. can't believe I forgot. Certainly will. Appreciate the catch. revising it now.

LOL! Given how frazzled my brain is at the moment (especially since I haven't been able to access the site most of today, since the nodes are cranky) I'm surprised I noticed it myself... 🤣 And you're very welcome! 😊

404 and I have become friends the past couple months, but especially when I'm trying to create and publish a post.

LOL! I hear that, @justclickindiva...


Hi, friend @justclickindiva

You are walking very well. Very soon you will be Dolphin hehe


Li Libre. Yes, I hope so. And I will have an upcoming 1 year anniversary this month. But I won't make Dolphin yet. That's a long way off. Hopefully by the end of the year. Then I can really spread the love around and help the smaller accounts. Thank you for your support and encouragement always. I can depend on that.

Hi sgt-dan. Thank you for stopping in and viewing my HPUD. So glad to have participated today. Appreciate your encouragement and support as always. Have a fantastic rest of your week.

721 hive powered up thats great, and a good amount to be competing for the prizes. Good luck and go for the win

Thank you so much. But with the lower minimum for qualification, others may have a larger percentage. We'll see. Thanks for your encouragement and support.