Hive's Television Debut (Official Video)

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The Hive Blockchain made it on national television here in Suriname, and Srey-Yuu's @KidSisters blog was featured. 👧🎬📺

Hive And Srey-Yuu's National Television Debut

Hive Friends Made This Happen

     Some of you that follow my blog know Srey-Yuu was recently featured on national television here in Suriname, mostly because of her Hive blogging skills.

     Thanks to @jeanlucsr, @faustofraser, and @leilafrangie, Suriname Hivers who have become real-life friends, I was introduced to a Suriname journalist and videographer that has taken some interest in the story of the Khmerican Family Abroad.

A Chance Meeting

     One particular friend we were introduced to, Idi Lemmers, is a journalist for STVS, one of the big national television stations here in Suriname.

     Idi learned a bit about us through an evening of conversation, and decided Srey-Yuu would be perfect for a program about kids on the station he worked for. Of great interest was the Hive blockchain and how this 11-year-old girl makes crypto currency blogging during the global pandemic.

Much Too Kind

     Things went into action pretty fast, because I got a phone call and the next day the film crew was at our house making things happen.

     Idi even went out of his way to surprise Srey-Yuu with a hula-hoop, something we have been searching for for over a year.

Diving Into Hive

Tough Questions

     The film crew asked Srey-Yuu some pretty tough questions, so I was impressed at her diplomatic responses.

     "How do you make money on Hive?" "Is Hive like Facebook or Instagram?" Hey, those are tough questions for an 11-year-old. Some of us adults would even have a hard time explaining how Hive works.

     Not all of the questions and answers aired, but you can see my previous behind-the-scenes posts for the full length interview(s).

     Okay, so this may be not a super deep dive into Hive, but it's the only national television discussion of Hive blogging that I am aware of. We all have an eleven-year-old Cambodian Hiver to thank for it, Srey-Yuu (@KidSisters).


     Here are some choice video frames I've saved to share with you all. Some of you lucky Hivers got some national television time too.

@naturalmedicine's lotus border got some airtime

@peakd and @homeedders got some close-ups

@peakd and Hive got subtitled

Srey-Yuu is has extreme hula skills

@peakd scored again at the end of the show, what good exposure

10 Minuten Jeugdjournaal

STVS (Surinaamse Televisie Stichting)

Airdate: August 21st, 2020

Official YouTube Video

Het 10 Minuten Jeugd Journaal 21 Augustus (Suriname / South-America)

     This is the official YouTube video, just in case you're unable to access 3Speak.Online. I am mostly thinking of this because @thekittygirl has mentioned problems being able to view our past uploads.

10 Minuten Jeugjournaal


STVS (Surinaamse Televisie Stichting)



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Monkey B



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That was awesome!
Congratulations to your whole family!

Thank you very much @canadian-coconut for always support our family ❤️🙏🏻.

You have a lovely family and I am glad that you all joined Hive.

Even though I know you prefer to curate and support Hive quietly and behind the shadows, you have been a huge part of our entire family's Hive journey, and it has never gone unnoticed or unapprecialoved.

We got nothing but love for "Canada Coconut," as you are called in our house. Your name is mentioned very often within our family, only in positive ways of course.

Nothing but love for @canadian-coconut.



Hey @canadian-coconut, here is a little bit of BEER from @justinparke for you. Enjoy it!

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She did very well. She’s a very smart girl.
Blogging and learning about crypto at that age can only lead to good things. Suriname peeps gonna be looking into HIVE hard now. Jah works.

Give thanks @dmilliz. If what @jeanlucsr said is correct, the presenter of the show also has a Hive account, which may explain why he spoke with such confidence about Hive and Peakd.


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I can remember me sitting in front of the tv feeling proud while listing to Srey Yuu. She did good! More good will come out of this for sure:)

Ps: Today I am coming for an autograph @kidsisters :)

Thank you so much

Yeah, the Cambodians are making quite a splash in Suriname.

Thanks for stopping by today, it was good to see you and Leila before lockdown.


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This was such a wonderful thing!!!


We are very proud of Srey-Yuu this week. This can only lead to more followers and some possible attention from bigger accounts. Calling all whales to the @KidSisters....


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My wife loved it!
Btw, if my daughter knew about the hula skills, she might have jumped out of the car 😂

Also.. the TV presenter is @acewilborne.

Thanks @jeanlucsr, yes, Srey-Yuu has some stellar hula skills.

I'll give that profile a follow, awesome he has a Hive account.


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Very cool, well done to the kid sisters doing their thing, the Suriname Dutch accent is so much easier to understand than the mainland for me lol so I understood most of it lol

Thanks @chekohler.

I'm not even remotely conversational in Dutch, but have spent a bit of time in the Netherlands, and have many Dutch friends as well, so I've heard a lot of conversation, and I would totally agree with you.

What is a mess though is whey mix Sranang with Dutch and English, it starts to get really hard to follow. Of course they would never talk like this on the television though.


Reminds me a lot more of Flemish than Dutch, which I can still keep up with too, German lol thats still out of my comfort zone

LOL it’s the same here, we have 11 official languages and people just mix the shit out of it when they speak

But for TV lol it’s always the queens English.

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Thanks for your support @stellabelle.

This is awesome, more than three minutes of air time for @kidsisters and your family. It made me smile :<)

I hope it leads to many good things and am indeed impressed by the hula hoop skills of Srey-Yuu

Big hug from Portugal,


Thanks for the kind words @vincentnijman.

Monkey-B has now learned how to hula-hoop from her big sister.


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