🗞 HODL Community Jewels #15 ✍️ Weekly Curation Post

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Dear Hivers, HODLers,


Welcome to the 🗞 HODL Jewels 15th ✍️ Weekly Curation Post.

We feel very excited at HODL, as many Hivers helped us along the way and we are starting to have an impact on Hive thanks to our trail and generous delegators.

As a reminder, our goal is still to support content creators inside our community, we curate with our account @hodlcommunity. This post will highlight some great authors from the past week.

We are continuing our initiative to give 5% of this post's rewards to each Hive Blogger mentioned below. If you are one of these Hive wales, spread love among content creators by upvoting this post.

This is another way to give back to our amazing #HODL Community !

So let's roll !


🍣 Crypto Market Rollup - Quiet Bitcoin Bull Run Now Nearing All-Time-High.

by @f0x-society

In today's article:

Bitcoin market update
The case for holding ETH
Debunking the "Blockchain not Bitcoin" fallacy
China doesn't "control" Bitcoin


Bull-Run | Historical Lessons to be Taken

by @idiosyncratic1

If you were in the crypto market in late 2017, these price actions may look similar to you. Yet, there are a couple of parameters to be considered. Let's throwback to 2017 initially, then we can scrutinize what's taking place in 2020's crypto ecosystem.


Something to Really Be Afraid Of

by @cryptographic

Leftists Suggest “Re-education Camps,” “Firing Squads,” Banning Talk Radio to “Deprogram” 75 Million Trump Supporters

And so titles Paul Joseph Watson of Summit News his article compiling a very friendly bunch of replies to a pair of David Atkins’s oh so tolerant, inclusive and conciliatory tweets:


🔥 Bitcoin supply is in a downward spiral NOW!

by @resiliencia

As you well know, there is a large part of the Bitcoin supply that is stored in cold wallets, and therefore is not available for the market.

If we take into account the amount of Bitcoin that is stored in Exchanges, we can see a continuous decline in its supply.


Swapzone Review

by @paragism

I love DEXs or decentralized exchanges because of privacy. It is really easy to trade on a DEX from the personal wallet while I hold my keys. But a DEX is has a lot of limitations. An Ethereum DEX doesn’t allow me to trade XLM or XRP.


Open Interest: A very good indicator while trading

by @toofasteddie

Elliot Waves count combined with a good indicator are really powerful tools while trading.
For instance, I use mostly the RSI but also the so-called "Open Interest" which is a measure of the number of contracts of a trading pair in a particular timeframe, or, if you prefer, a number of "open positions".
Usually, an increase of the open interest accompanying the increase of the price is just confirming the UPTREND,...

Latest #HODL Community updates


🗞 HODL Community is investing in LEO Miners !

A quick update to inform you that HODL Community continues to power-up every single LEO it earns.

We have now more than 392 LEO staked and therefore in addition to curating with our HP we are also curating with out LEO Power.

🗞 HODL Community Jewels 14 ✍️ Weekly Curation Post

Welcome to the 🗞 HODL Jewels #14 ✍️ Weekly Curation Post.

We decided to continue 5% of this post's rewards to each Hive Blogger mentioned below ! If you are one of these Hive wales, spread love among content creators by upvoting this post

This is another way to give back to our amazing HODL Community !

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Thanks a lot @vlemon for your kindness. I appreciate all precious efforts of my mates. You deserve more and more! 👊🏽👊🏽

It is not kindness, thank you for your great articles.

Cheers and keep HODLing !

Yoohoo! Me too!

Much appreciated, especially knowing that mine was slightly off topic. 😬

Thanks again!

Thanks for the shoutout @vlemon ;)

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Hugs. I sincerely wish many successes in your publications and curations. Greetings with affection from Cumaná-Venezuela.

Thank you buddy! :D

Thanks for selecting mine!

@tipu curate

It is my pleasure! If you have been selected it means you deserved it ;)