Blockchain and reneable energy

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Basically there is almost nothing blockchain technology can't be implemented by the look of things. Implementing blockchain into renewable energy is on the rise.
Tokyo Power Company to Use Blockchain for Trading Electricity Surplus
Here is a system being designed to trade surplus electricity which will be available to residents in Japan within the next three years.

Similarly in Australia Power Ledger a blockchain firm is working on a blockchain based platform for trading solar energy between local residents.
Here on Hive there is a similar renewable energy project by @solairitas with a token tied to it. The purpose of this token is to construct a grid-tied solar/wind farm within the Continental United States. it might interest you to give it a look.


While solar energy is what I think is the future of generating electricity I like the idea of the blockchain implementation which is already happening before us.
The future is here after all.

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Awesome! Thanks for helping to spread the word! ☀️


You are welcome @definethedollar

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This is what is being called the "internet of energy".

Just like the internet connected individual computer nodes, we will see energy nodes connected.

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"Internet of energy" sounds cool, I'm glad we are not only seeing this take place on other blockchain but it's kind happening on Hive puts us in the mix.