Are Currencies Heading to Correct Again?

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It seems that digital currencies will cause more frustration for small traders after optimism was prevailing for Bitcoin to rise and break the $ 11,000 barrier.
However, Bitcoin fell again after it broke the 11,000 mark to the bottom.

Altcoins did not catch up due to the temporary stalemate of Bitcoin without the stability of the price.
So we have to wait for us, alternative cryptocurrency traders, for the next rally. Perhaps this correction will be quick and Bitcoin will rise again.
But the general market situation does not bode well, as there are many things that have happened that have led to the suspicion of traders and investors in the digital currency market, especially after the numerous scams that affected many of the defi currencies.
As well as many projects that have been promised and have not been realized so far.

But it seems that we need a big boom in order for the market to rise as expected and reach 15,000 before the end of the year.
So can his tweet revive from a market whale?

Let's see examples of currencies that fell sharply after the current downturn.
For example, the Curve currency, which was seen as a last resort for the Defi currencies to profit from it after the Yfi currency, and it will reach 50 dollars and fictitious numbers.
However, we find it now at a price of $ 1.33 and I was very moved when I read in one of the groups that someone had bought it from the price of $ 10 when its price rose rapidly when it landed on the Binance platform.

Therefore, we always repeat, do not buy what you cannot afford to lose, because it is like speculating in the stock market.
I do not want to compare it to gambling, but it is very similar.

But for another example, we have a currency that is moving in a steady path, which is the Tron coin, which has reached a price of 0.041, up nearly 120% in a short period of time.

But the currencies that fell to their lowest point in their career, if their project was reliable, they still represent a good opportunity to buy.


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