BlockFi 1 Year Anniversary: My Hodl "APY"

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Today is my BlockFi 1 year anniversary 🎉
I still remember I was very skeptical about their service and the interest that I can earn when I first deposited my little BTC into BlockFi interest account (BIA).
I was very exited and very anxuious at the same time. (i am still woried... not going to lie)
But when I saw my account growring everyday, I was 🤩🤩🤩

You can try this interest calculator here

and see how much you can earn for hodling coins.


If you deposit 1 BTC for 12 months, your estimated interest would be $487.79.

But of course, I didn't put 1 BTC into my account... I started with a very small amount and how much interest I actually earned in 1 year?
My Actual Percentage Yielded (APY) or just total value gain was about 450% and the actual interest earned was... 👇

Almost the same as if deposited 1 BTC 🤯 because of the BTC price

I should have put more BTC in there 😂😂😂
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happy tears
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You definitely should have ! As all of us 😂

Thank you for sharing this great tool, another one you would recommend to deposit cryptocurrencies to get a good APY?

Cheers !

I know right... I don't have enough money to invest. But year, I think there is a website that calculates bunch of other APYs I have saved it somewhere I have to check ;p