Coinbase: ATOM Staking Launched

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Cosmos(ATOM) on Coinbase went live with 5% APY

If you are eligible, staking options will be turned on automatically and staking reward starts immediately.

Introducing Cosmos Staking Rewards on Coinbase

Coinbase launched Tezos staking last fall and that was a great move back then, but since then they are seriously behind on staking options.

Tezos staking is about 4% right now so ATOM staking is a little bit better? Initial ATOM holding period is 7-14 days then staking rewards will kick in.
Rewards are credited directly into your wallet every 7 days.

ATOM staking has a slashing mechanism but the blog doesn't mention anything about slashing so I am not sure if Coinbase does that to their stakers, but 👇

Why would estimated rewards differ from actual payout?
The amount shown under Rewards pending is our estimate of the rewards that you could potentially earn when rewards are distributed by the network. Our estimation is based on Coinbase’s prior staking performance for that cryptocurrency.

So rewards will be affected depends on Coinbase's performance...

If you don't want ATOM staking turned on, you can turn it off anytime.
Just go to Settings -> Financial services and turn on/turn off easily 👇

Since this launch... 👇

This is a good sign for stakers and Hodlers... for now at least.

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