Hive Marketing: Live Twitter Video Chat with Nathan Mars

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I love talking about Hive and chipping in with any information I can contribute to the cause. I was opportune to have a live conversation with @nathanmars on Twitter, where we discussed Hive, our personal life and alcohol. Actually, the alcohol part wasn't really that much but I reckon we'd be doing a special episode for it in the next chat.

At the end of the day, the goal is to continuously push the Hive agenda in as many faces as possible and this was a good avenue to do just that. You can watch the video through the embeded link below

— Belemo (@belemo__) July 10, 2020

link to tweet

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I’m super happy to have conversations with you and your Hive journey.

Thank you for the opportunity to get to know you more.

Let’s keep on pushing our $Hive forward

Thanks man, it was pleasure.

!bro how is your day going



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Going well, been slow and quiet. How's yours going?

It was an interesting interview Man. I really enjoyed watching. You never fail to represent well. It was exciting seeing you went live with your little alcohol cup 😂

Lol can never be found without it. I go get one of those "Olamide" cups for these occasions

😂😂 No wahala na. Flex on Man. Have a great weekend.

I was wanking to the video

That sounds like the right thing to do