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Hello all @splinterlands lovers,

How was your daily quest?

Mine was without Nutural Splinter.

Here are the rewards I got from chest.



Total 02 cards, Potions and DEC.

Todays game was not so good. Played 19 battles and more then 50% battle lost (11 nonof matches lost).
Start playing in Gold League and make it to Diamond I and then the continous lost steak throw back to Gold league. Worst part not abke to claimed the Loot chest from Diamond. Try hard for come back to Diamond but it results some more lost battles. Now again playing at 2351 rating points.

Battke learning - In one match the opponenet uses the level 8 Cube at the last positio and was wondering and thought that I will win tha match but to my surprise I lost. J repkyvthe march to check wjat happened. I was able to finish all opponent's monsters and the opponent was left with Cube only but by the time Cube gained the 18 health because of the Scavanger abilities and every round it refill 4 health because of the self healing. And at the end I lost the battle.. excellent use of the Cube....

Account evaluation

Form the quest got three cards and best card pulled is SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF which is trading at $0.045
Total card pulled add $0.33 and now total worth of the collection as per peak monster is $644 (list price).

The total evaluate of the collection is $705, crosswd the is $700 mark. Wow..

Market Cap


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Thanks to @minimining for delegated cards.



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Wonderful card

Thanks !bro