Game of Thrones Characters - Tier List

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I've been following for a while, even if distractedly, some posts or videos in which analysts, bloggers and critics made their own "tier lists", that is a sort of classificona of characters from a TV series (or other), at the end of it.
I discovered that thanks to the website it's very easy for anyone to make their own tier list.
You can even create your own template!
To start, to "celebrate" the birthday of the end of Game of Thrones I thought to "give you" the tier list of Game of Thrones main characters.
Before illustrating it here are some principles that I adopted:

  • It's not a cooler list of characters.
  • I looked at character development
  • I attached great importance to the path, to its coherence and of course to the staging.
  • The interpretation had its weight
  • Each character was unfortunately penalized by the bad, bad writing of the final season.

Yes, let's remember that the script for the final season was very bad. For me, the vote for season eight is zero.
They ruined the story as a whole and devastated characters like Jamie or Arya to name a few examples.
But let's cut the crap, here's my tier list:


What do you think?
Did you like it?

Seguivo da un po, anche se distrattamente alcuni post o video in cui analisti, blogger e critici facevano le proprie "tier list" ovvero una sorta di classificona di personaggi di una serie tv (o anche di altro), al termine della stessa.
Ho scoperto che grazie al sito è semplicissimo per chiunque fare la propria tier list.
Addirittura è possibile creare un proprio template!
Per partire, per "celebrare" il compleanno della fine di Game of Thrones ho pensato di "regalarvi" la tier list dei main characters di Game of Thrones.
Prima di illustrarvela ecco qualche principio che ho adottato:

  • Non è una lista di personaggi più "cool"
  • Ho guardato allo sviluppo del personaggio
  • Ho dato grande importanza al percorso, alla sua coerenza e ovviamente alla messa in scena
  • L'interpretazione ha avuto il suo peso
  • Ogni personaggio è purtroppo stato penalizzato dalla pessima, pessima scrittura della stagione finale

Eh si, ricordiamoci che la sceneggiatura della stagione finale è stata pessima. Per me il voto alla stagione 8 è zero.
Hanno rovinato la storia nel complesso e devastato personaggi come Jamie o Arya per fare alcuni esempi.
Ma bando alle ciance, ecco la mia tier list:

Che ne pensate?
Vi è piaciuta?


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I just loved them all! GoT was so epic.
Pretty interesting tierlist! Jon and Daeny in sector C? Why is that?
The last season was really, really bad - to short, way to less character development. I will not forgive that the producers. :(
But it was such an amazing story. I am looking forward for a rewatch in about 2-3 years

Hi! Sorry for the late answer!
Jon and Dany are 2 of my favourite charachter, in theory...
In fact their characters are ruined by Benioff and Weiss.
Their fate had no sense.
Their journey was killed by the hand of the authors.
Jon Snow is one of the best characters ever written in tv in my opinion until 6th season.
After that he was ruined in every sense.
Also Dany had this treatment.

I made a tierlist based not just on my feelings but mostly based on the script.
Thanks @tabea