Hive Creative Contest – If I were an animal, I'd be a tiger to not be a tiger

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Aderisco al contest lanciato da @zord189 qui

You can tell by the images from pixabay.
I wish I was a tiger.
There's no real reason behind it.
It was an instinctive choice.
I read the @zord189 contest and the tiger is the first animal that came to my mind and so I decided to reason, together with you, why, why I associated this wonderful animal to the zord question.
The superficial answer is that being a tiger is "easy", unless you're in a cage or in one of the giant "Tiger King" style US parks.
Speed, grit, elegance, beauty, strength, agility, courage.
If animals were human, being a tiger would be like being a charming, proud but also determined, motivated, aggressive man.

Reading what has been written I understand that this does not represent me very well.
I would not want to be an alpha predator.
I don't believe in appearance but in the substance of things.
But I believe in beauty.
Beauty with a capital B.
The beauty that allows you to see the best in things, to love things for what they emanate, the energy they transmit.
In that I would love to be a tiger.
Digging deeper, I realized why maybe I'd like to be a tiger.


I wish I was a tiger for not being a tiger

Deep down I have a certain attraction to transform things.
Or rather, I often have a desire to change the fierce traits of the world around us.
The haters, the hunters, the predators.
And then maybe my subconscious pushes me towards this animal to try to change it, maintaining its elegance, pride and poise, but overturning its most violent traits, like an alpha male.

I would be a friendlier, more altruistic, more "human" tiger.
I would not be a capitalist tiger but a worker, I would not be a "right" tiger but a "left" tiger.

I'd like to be a Beta tiger, 2.0.

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