Zcash has Bullish 48 Hours

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Yesterday was the 0.382 retracement, today is was 0.786 retracement to $100 USD per ZEC.


Where will we go from here?

Volatility between $81 and $89 for consolidation?

This would be a mirror of the pattern before the iconic bottom W!

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I thought ZCash was founded by the guy who founded Bitcoin Black or Dark or whatever it was called. He was always a project hopper for me. Open one, make an exit, open the next. No, no - not with me my friend.

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Where did you hear that?

You can find everything you need to know in these 2 places.


The team that developed the Zcash white paper is all listed here, with a few additions over time.


I must correct myself, it was neither Bitcoin Dark nor Black, the coin was called Bitcoin Private. Was a direct successor of ZClassic, which was a fork of ZCash, launched by the founder, but this was some years ago.

https://btcprivate.org/ <- Page could be completely down, I don't have it loading at the moment.

Was a mega hype about this project 3 years ago, ZClassic has risen to unbearable heights within this forum. Rhett was the name of the guy, if I remember correctly.

But I have to say that I can't find Rhett on the team list of electriccoin, maybe I confuse these projects just because of the similarity of the names. I would have to check this evening. When I think of it, I'll give you another update here.

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I actually have some BTCP in a cold wallet.

Also no sweat, such a huge market now with so many projects.

Privacy coins are all important and you mentioned a few of them who all have a place in the world, diversity is what the consumer usually wants.

I absolutely agree with you that Privacy Coins are a very interesting segment. But I have to say that this Z-group falls out of it. I see much more interesting projects in the direct competitive environment. Above all Monero and Dash.

Based on my experience, I would also advise against investing in the Z-Group in principle. Be it Bitcoin Private, Zcash or Z-classic.

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CipherTrace just filed 2 patents for Monero transaction tracing, and has stated they will work with law enforcement. I couldn't disagree more on the Monero part until I see what CipherTrace can do.

What is your experience exactly, aside from listing those coins by name, what experience do you infer?

P.S. DASH is next... and CipherTrace likes Zcash.

monero and dash pwned by zec.jpeg

Of course they concentrate on the biggest projects, everything else would make no sense at all. I think you are looking at only one side of the coin.

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Missing the point because you won't elaborate on the experience you had, its very peculiar how many people don't like zcash, but I later find out they tried trading it, or expected an immediate quick return.

Just waiting to add the first real reason to my list as to why zcash isn't the best hedge against the dollar.

Zcash has been on a downtrend most of its life, the other privacy coins not so much, so when people invest dollars, I have heard a bunch of sob stories and yet no real critic of zcash.

I could seriously start a drama about the worst reasons I have been given about "why to not like zcash" while the audience of the show would be laughing at the logic for satire value.