ALICE Project Seeks Directors for Final Draft. -- [HIVE Commissions Opportunity.]

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Project art is done except for a bonus intermission scene I'm about to paint.

What I'm doing now, is opening up commission a Page / Panel to my entire audience.


The way it works is that if you are interested in having me paint an additional page or panel into the project, then you can give me some HIVE, and I will share the PDF with you in its current final draft form.

The project will be printed, and distributed in PDF Version.


Maybe you think this full page painting here really ought to have a close up of a dragonfly resting on that purple dick in the foreground right there?

Let's call that a "Notion": 200 HIVE

Need a full page of Homo-Erotic Hatter and Hare paintings? or a MFM sexual position not included in my current project?
Screen Shot 20200808 at 3.43.10 PM.png

Let's call that a "Page": 600 HIVE

Do you have a cute outfit that the Queen of Hearts Absolutely must be wearing -- [Y is she always nak3d?] -- but also need a panel of her stripping off her cute outfit?
Screen Shot 20200808 at 3.48.06 PM.png

Let's call that a "Notion": 200 HIVE for the outfit.
And a "Panel" for the disrobing: 300 HIVE

So it comes out to 500 HIVE.

Are you an Alice / Wonderland / Through the Looking Glass buff, and you've realized that I didn't include a scene that you absolutely love?

[none of these made it into the project, in spite of its current length being 83 pages condensed.]

  • Croquet in the Rose Garden
  • Mean Flowers
  • Doormouse
  • Mockturtle
  • Tweedle Dee and Dumb
  • Lizard Handyman
  • Broom Dog
  • Caucus Race

Of course, i can't blatantly rip off Disney, but that wasn't what you were interested in anyways.

Let's say you want to direct a whole 5 page menage scene with Tweedle Dee and Dumb, or a 5 page scene where Alice gets picked on by some flowers between when she's fucking these mushrooms, and when she meets the Caterpillar:
Screen Shot 20200808 at 4.01.02 PM.png

We'll call that 5 Pages: 3000 HIVE

Here's your chance to have me include your dreamy sex fantasies or comedic insights, or nostalgic adult literary fancies into print forever.

Plus - Orders over 300 HIVE include a signed softcover book mailed to wherever you like.


I'll give you until I'm done with this intermission scene to make your decisions -- then I'm adding text to this whole thing, and sending it to the printers.

To order, just send me the HIVE - and leave your comment here in this post, so I know who you are. I will reach out to you with a Final Draft PDF copy, and you can examine 'the goods', and then make your decisions from that point.

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This is a cool idea!


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