Steem Officially Dead, Hive in a Coma, But Leo Roars Loud

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In February 2021 I'll be a three years old user of Steem/Hive, and although for me Steem is basically dead, and Hive in a coma... I still feel like posting almost everyday in here, reading what people that I like write about, and yeah... earning crypto. It's fun, it's the best online time consumer that I got and don't see any reason why I would ditch Hiveing...

I am ditching Steem for good though. I really really don't have any incentive any longer to be active on the old chain. I tried, I really tried. I had my last post yesterday though, it's a dead project for me, but not for the Korean and Chinese folks. After cross posting some shit over there as well I wanted to see what was going around there and checked the communities hub...

The top ten of them, I guess, or even more, are in Korean or Chinese and it's clear for whom the platform has been bought. That's probably why it ranked that well many months prior to the purchase of Justin Stunt... who basically didn't even knew exactly stuffed in his back pocket. I don't regret my Steem experience though, it's where I learned a lot and met a bunch of people that I like.


Hive came like a breath of fresh air after the new chain broke from Steem, metaphorically speaking, and most of us the good guys, migrated from Steemit/Steem to the new era of "the truly decentralized, censorship resistant, social media platform". It doesn't feel like a breath of fresh air any longer, more like the air from a fat belly in the morning, after eating garlic sauce the whole evening. Well, I'm probably exaggerating as usual, but there's not much to be excited about it. ¨

There's basically the same apps running on the chain, with almost the same content creators, and pretty much the same curators, lead by the strong hands of the enlightened circle, no mass adoption, no marketing, no one is talking about us, we don't seem to be getting anywhere with our highly outdated design for the main front end and with a low, very low, price performance for the HIVE token. Feels like we're on a ship decked in the same harbor for about four years and cheering each other for being such an awesome community and social media platform.

Again, the potential is here, but the actual act of squeezing the most out of that potential is totally missing. I don't even bother in revising my witness votes list, nor checking that DAO fund and vote for anything. It doesn't make sense anymore. It's the same folks deciding for the majority, doing their thing, pretending we're decentralized and life goes on...


And it does go on, because as much as I am feeling deflated in regards of the good old Hive, there is this not so new born Lion king that keeps me connected, gets me writing all day, makes it possible for me to still earn crypto and somehow feel like belonging to a tribe sort to speak. I was hesitant about leofinance to be honest, because I didn't felt I had anything to share with you guys that would fit in here, but things have changed... and somehow I blame @trumpman for shilling the project that much. The Greek has his way, I tell you...

Don't get me wrong, I still check my feed on Hive, post photos and other shit as well using Peakd instead of, but the vibe is... really like in a coma. Shallow interaction, tons of automation and almost predictable curation. Things can always change though and I hope they do because it would be such a pity for the blockchain to be left in the shadows for many years to come. Maybe we shouldn't blog that much any longer, sticking to the old way, and shit post more, and probably then we'll get a flood of users and investors, who knows... but for now the ship hasn't left the deck.

Bottom line it's crystal clear that Steem is dead for me and I will no longer post over there probably not even open Steemit ever, Hive is on my list of prayers though and leofinance got me addicted. Have a great day and see you to the next one!

Thanks for attention,

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Awesome post and nice use of words for comparative purposes.

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Thanks, much appreciated, and highly encouraging the upvote ;)

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All in this post pretty well applies to what I see and feel arround. Don't have much to ad.
So I just upvote you for your work.

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Tbh I was waiting for your vote for a while :))
I know, most of us are probably in tune with these feelings. What can I say, it's how I feel, mixed flavors. I guess that's life.

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I see you had a good reason to wait. 😃😃
Opened your blog here on LEO, and found that somehow I have skipped all your older posts. I have no explanation how this happened. Maybe our active time windows were not overlapping. I see you have put lots of work in you post, all are rather lengthy. Have upvoted quite a few of them now.
And entered your ID in my follow list.
Because I see no single reason to ignore you.
I do 100% manual curation so far.

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Thank you very much. I really invest quite some efforts and passion in my shitty blog.

Oh and... in regards with:

I do 100% manual curation so far.

I wish all curators would do that. I am not a fan of automation in that regard at all. I mean... no bot will ever outrun a sharp eye and a tickled mind. That's how I see it.

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I don't even bother in revising my witness votes list, nor checking that DAO fund and vote for anything. It doesn't make sense anymore.

Me too, I have tried to highlight at few places, how important it is to spend some DAO funding on professional marketing, but seems, no one is worried about that.

Exactly, they own their own pockets and circle of friends and nothing more.

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Everything you expose here are many of the reasons why hive and the other linked projects end up taking off.

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I gave up on the base layers a long time ago, just been focusing on tokesn my token walelt is almost as valuable as my HIVE wallet in a shorter space of time and I'm sure it will be worth more soon

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Well said. It does sadden me to see that Steem ended up being such a "cultural divide," and no sure what lessons can be brought forward from that... as for Hive, it has the feeling of a group of people where everyone is looking around the circle, waiting for "the next great thing, not realizing that THEY have to CREATE the next great thing... there's no magical "it" that will happen.

I hope LeoFinance "stays the course" and doesn't become overrun with the same "token harvesters" that so efficiently have all but destroyed the other two communities...


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Exactly, it's always something that needs to happen in the future that will throw Hive on a peak. It doesn't work like that, if it was we would have been there by now, it's four freaking years man. There's always some dope tech to be developed.
I would simply market what we have: blockchain based decentralized social media, censorship free, rewarding, etc etc. Simple. Some funds out of DAO to some crypto news outlets to promote the chain once in a while, easier way of onboarding, etc etc... you all probably know by now what we need.


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I guess you just stated here what most of us really feel. 🙃

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You're not the only one saying it you know...

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Steemit was fully dead for me long before the hardfork and I was delighted to move on to Hive - I've never used k.Steemit again since the day of the split. Hive is a bit down at the moment, but I think it will bounce back - that's my bet anyway...

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Pretty much the way I feel.

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"I am ditching Steem for good though."

That's what I did the moment Justin came onboard. I also made sure that my entire history of 4 years being active was deleted, because I definitely don't want to support Steem in any way. I had several articles high in the search result on google etc, and even though I could potentially have used some of them in different ways, personally, it was easier just to bark & yell a couple of times on Steemit before they deleted everything I had done. lol.

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Did you manually deleted everything on Steem is somehow that you can erase everything?
I had a bad feeling the moment Justin came with the announcement and found absolutely childish and crap the open letters and negotiations with him. I wouldn't go that low to that shithead. Hive to some extent is a better alternative, but still far from its goals.

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I actually made a few comments on their "100 day challenge" or whatever the posts was called. I think I made 3 of them in total. I basically just called Justin a liar & a thief, with the intentions of getting them to erase my history.

There is a tool one could use though, but I can't remember the name of it unfortunately. I never used it.

I just looked it up.
The tool is called Steem Pruner.
You can read more about it here.

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Chinese and koreans supported by official steem curators how shit their posts. I power down my steem and hive. Hive seems whales serves whales I don't like it. LEO appreciate minnows but if leo shift to whale serves whale I leavr leo too

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Hive's sailing the same water as Steem did, unfortunately. A change of course is always possible though.

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You pretty much said what the most hivians thought. And yes it seems that Hive has the same "illness" with steemit, still Hive is a better place than steemit.

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No doubt it is better than Steem, the problem is it can do better, funds are available for some well deserved improvements, but not used properly.

Well said my friend and this represents the current state we are finding us in. But I believe that it will come a time on Hive will rise where it deserves to, just need a marketing switch and increase in revenue (maybe from ads) or other things alike. And LEO and Hive together there is just a perfect mixture where you can earn from both putting up the work for one.

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unfortunately hive doesn't seem far behind

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It can always shift direction, but you're right, it's not far from Steem and that's what I also wrote on my post. That's truth... unfortunately.

In terms of return, STEEM is still interesting. I delegated my STEMM to Tipu and get nice returns, that I frequently exchange to HIVE using Swapp APP (unfortunately currently unavailable). I agree that it is most likely not the future for non-asian people. Regarding HIVE, I also feel the coma and I am very concerned of hivewatcher and spamminator who drive people away from HIVE without any clear guideline and possibility to get from the blacklist, if once are there. I hope that some more of the tribes follow the path of LEO and using Add revenues to stabilize the token price as well as searching actively to onboard new users. STEMGEEKS and SPORTS are my clear favourites, as they have a clear topic and big engaged communities that can be attracted. Overall I am still positive. Let's have a look at what the new BTC Bullrun will bring for us.

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I am very concerned of hivewatcher and spamminator who drive people away from HIVE without any clear guideline and possibility to get from the blacklist

That's some sort of centralization my friend...

Totally agree with you. I moved everything away from Steem and powered down to a minimum. For its an plattform for the chinese/japanese/Korean. I am ok with that, but this is not a platform I can use.

Hive had a great start and is still on a good track I think. I hope it can keep its momentum though.

Steem for me is definitely dead as stated in the title. Hive, yes in a coma, but it can always get out of it and shine.

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Your post is not natural.
It is organic and true to what you see
around you.
Hey by the way can you explain a little
why steem is dead when it is value is neck to neck with Hive?
Or steem is dead for you?
Just to align with you too I gave up steem since I do not know
anyone serious there, the more I dig, more drift I become.
Glad you join leofinance community.
Hive is another story.
I have to say in parenthesis Leofinance or tribes in particular
will grow cause of the way Hive is.
Great post to express the state of the blockchain.

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Or steem is dead for you?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and appreciating my post.

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nor checking that DAO fund

That I think main culprit, DAO fund make the developers here too too tech centric with no regards to end user.

They all know there proposal will be passed with few big user backing them and no matter how Hive common people think about it.

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Exactly, decentralization my ass... For this regard votes should be equal and not tied to how much HP one holds.

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You do realize how easy it would be for any one to just make a ton of accounts and vote with them in a one-vote-for-one-account system. It's either KYC or voting with stake.

That said, the DAO fund is a joke. Netuoso ripped if off for months with no code to show for all the tens of thousands of dollars paid for "continual development". Until Thererealwolf started talking about it, nothing happened. Netuoso is no longer in top 20, thank goodness. Therealwolf's campaign to drop content rewards in HIVE would've further consolidated the chain. The only hope for growth at the moment is the buzz some of the Tribes are now creating.

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You do realize how easy it would be for any one to just make a ton of accounts and vote with them in a one-vote-for-one-account system.

Pretty much like circle jerking I'd say.

Netuoso ripped if off for months with no code to show for all the tens of thousands of dollars paid for "continual development"

Netuoso was voted by large stakeholders to be able to cash all those tens of thouasnds and he also had plenty of fans ass licking him when he came with that shit post, way way overvalued in curation, announcing that he's migrating to Hive. Man, people are so naive on one side and greedy on the other.

Good article ☺️

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Greed has ruined many projects - I said everything right!

Yes, you're right.

I abandoned steem awhile ago , hive all the way hope it gets out the coma soon lol

I hope that too...

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Well said @acesontop. I agree 100%.

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Seems like quite a few folks who read the post are in tune with it. Fingers crossed for better times.

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I would not add anything else my friend.
Good post.

@tipu curate

Thank you, much appreciated.

I'll have been here 4 years, shortly after your Three. However, I have pretty much come to the same conclusions that you have. It used to be that steem/hive would ebb and flow with the rest of the market, oh sure, there was a bit of slippage but now it is accelerating. I remember Steem (pre-SUN) was top 30 or higher. THEN all the social justice worriers started in... We had a good solid core group of whales and witnesses and then the cry babies started. Witnesses started turning over, dropping in the ranks, dropping out. Whales started divesting. CHANGE WAS COMING!!! Prices Dropping, rank slipping. Maybe it's a coincidence. Then Justin Sun rolls in, to "save steem" or something. HF 21. Ninja stake reclaimed, things are looking good, for a short time. Blame DEFI, Blame JS, BLAME CANADA! (hat-tip @banjo) but we fell from the top 100. Still dropping. Latest BTC rally? Not for HIVE! We got some great witnesses with some real turds. I mean some real stinkers.

I urge everyone to really scrutinize your witness votes, I have been thinking long and hard. But we also need some great onboarding and this is not happening. Maybe our rewards model is too generous to the parasitic drag accounts that only use their meager earnings to cash out?? I do not blame the 3rd world folks for trying to better themselves with crypto, but it seems like a majority of smaller accounts are cashing out.

LEO is UNDY'S LAST STAND... There are very few good tokens on Hive Engine worth an actual investment. At this time I think I could count them all on both hands. Perhaps a few more emerging ones, don't get your panties in a knot, I have a limited exposure to hive engine projects. But the highlights seem to be few and far between. I only know of LEO because of my good friends @spinvest and @jk6276 and Spinvest is a premier token. But it is not deflationary nor stake-able. Great HODL, but it is different. That is what Hive Engine needs, more tokens with a DIFFERENT APPROACH. LEO fills the bill, very nicely. The only thing I'd like to see more of is LEO going across more platforms and perhaps branching out with other liquidity pools and more exchanges. I have heard rumors about other things than the wLEO on Uni-Swap. Plus, that is likely to make a return, anyway.


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Thanks for sharing your view. I don't blame the third world users that cash out, for dragging Hive down, as I do with the circle of whales that decides anything in here, but everything works like two-three years ago. They're probably minding their own pockets, and nothing else, much more than those poor ones cashing their tiny rewards. Not to mention DAO is a joke.

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You are 1000% correct. the only thing I might add is that "3rd world users" would profit MORE and help the system MORE if they became "invested" but that battle is extremely difficult when you must scrape by every day barely surviving.

As far as being a witness goes, it's a non-profit venture at this time. That coming from one of my witness friends who is actually worth a damn and a solid citizen.

I have lived of Hive as well by selling tokens and I totally get that. I know it's not a workplace, it's first and foremost a passion, and in my case the best spent time online, but when the belly's empty and the bills are coming you know you can spend some of that earned tokens. I mean it's not that they have a limited supply and you can't earn them anymore in a few years or so. The problem is that there aren't new large investors incentivized to put money into Hive and compensate the third worlders and that's due to poor marketing. As an investor having the staking and curating earning tool at hand you can really get nice revenues, not at the current price, but the opportunity is there.

I had such a "caught in the middle" feeling that once Spinvest basically TRIPLED our stake's value, Well, I cashed out like 99.9% of mine. I was top hodl for the first year + and then when I cashed it out, plus more hive and H-E tokens, well, I bought a pocket full of Gold ;)

You see... everyone has his/her strategy, needs, visions and so on. There's no one to be blamed after all, and ultimately it's your own pocket that you care the most.

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I though by powering up EVERYTHING I could help the community the most, but that was a fine balance that most people cannot achieve. I don't think the whales should leave it all powered up just to benefit the community either, in reality I guess it just took me too long to figure out obvious that you just stated. I powered up everything for over 3 years then basically said fook-it.

Do what you feel, don't follow herds and trends. If it's a good decision it's yours, if a failure, yours as well.

Not to mention, I threw a bunch at LEO.
Really jaded on Hive but it seems LEO has lots of headroom!

That might be a good strategy. I've noticed recently that LEO is highly vlatile and that makes me think it would appreciate even more in price.

Leo really is the frontrunner right now. It is not only for these types of sites but really social media on the blockchain in general.

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It is a frontrunner for sure and my hopes are that it will roar strong years from now as well. At least one dapp on this blockchain should do good. I mean look at dtube, threespeak and, it's like they're the cave men of similar social media apps. We can definitely do better.

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I think "GAME" is alive. A lot of games at hive . Some tokens at hive-engine are hot and some games. Maybe hive is hot - but not as a blogplatform

I don't play games but I can agree with you. I've seen quite a few posts regarding game tokens getting hot. It has to be easy to use, pleasant to the eye, rewarding and addictive and so you have a great product. That's how I see it.