Is RUNE a Good Buy At $0.35?

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RUNE is one of the interesting cryptocurrencies in the DeFi space. The question is: is it a good buy right now around $0.35?

I have seen a number of users on LeoFinance talking about this currency and mentioning it as a long term hodl. As a trader, we need to consider the real price potential of RUNE as opposed to lofty long-term expectations.

Having long-term expectations is not a bad thing nor a good thing. It's just a particular way of finding things to buy and hodl.

For what I do, I want to see a crypto that has deep potential to increase in price from a certain range. RUNE seems to have broken down several times in the past alongside the rest of the crypto market.

While I aim to make some short-term profits in the coming rally that I think we'll see in alts, RUNE has jumped to the top of the list.

On the last major DeFi cycle, RUNE jumped all the way to $1.15. This is a huge move for a currency of this size.

On the next alt cycle, we could see RUNE return to these previous ATHs and break thorough. A conservative target is $0.75 / RUNE - which I think is achievable by years end if we see any amount of alt strength return.

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I keep on reading about RUNE hence I guess it's time to check it out and if my second trade on AVA plays well these days I'll pour some money on RUNE. My time spent on LEO reading all day seems to be not wasted at all. Have you entered any position on RUNE?

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RUNE looks an interesting choice to put some monies/Leonies or Hives...

Thank you for sharing!

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