Count down for BCH hard fork [3 days]

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After the shopping fiesta double 11, now it's time to look back the BCH hard fork. Now it's now count down 72 hours before it happens!

As previous mentioned, up to now, my favourite exchange Celsius still never announced its support for BCH split:

In preparation for BCH hard fork 2020 -countdown 1 week

But many have chosen other exchanges in preparation for the split and expectation on granted another coin -BCH ABC if any. (haha including me)

According to this article, many have done the transfer starts of the month, now now the exchanges having more influx of BCH.

1.5M Bitcoin Cash deposited on exchanges as fork looms

Photo source:

So here I share something that may helpful for friends here who haven't done the transfer and on the way to do the last minute transfer.

For my case, transferring from to Binance , where the Binance BCH wallet is of the legacy one, will need to manually convert the BCH address then copy paste the new-generated BCH address starts with"bitcoincash:" then only able to do the transfer.

You can do the BCH address conversion at this website:

And from the article as mentioned above, now 83% BCH mined are of BCHN node, is this indication maybe hard fork doesn't really work well as what ABC team initiate planned of ? Will what the effort we paid to transfer out become wasted as nothing would happen ?

We shall see coming weekend , finger crossed !

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Thank you for your support. If you haven't heard of VAULT, time to explore. It might be our next payout scheme which I'm looking forward to work with.