D+1 day after BCH hard fork

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Today morning, first thing when I turn on to my computer is to check how did the BCH hard fork progress, any reflection of new additional coins (ABC) into my Binance wallet.

It seems the process still on-going and Binance still disable the transferring out of BCH.
bch transfer 01.JPG
Photo Source: Binance

But one thing for sure , it's BCH price drop 7.7% over the last 24hour, according to Coingecko. ( I think this ticker should refer to BCHN already since they are majority)
bch drop.JPG
Photo Source: Coingecko

Checked BCHN website , seems nothing new there: https://bitcoincashnode.org/en/

Only a link on top banner which lead to another webpage https://upgradespecs.bitcoincashnode.org/2020-11-15-upgrade/

And BCH ABC website: https://www.bitcoinabc.org/

Also not much info.

Googles the info also only find info like this
Grayscale’s BCH trust loses $1.6M in value as hard fork begins

But I remember I read it somewhere that BCH ABC worth around $15-18 , but no longer able to find back the site.

So both BCHN add up with BCH ABC should be around $250 + , so at first glance , it seems value split to 2 coins :(

Hopefully all the dust settled down asap, then I can send back BCH to Celsius to entitle the $20 BTC as recently they had an issue with the DNS, so they compensate users if transfer in $200 worth of crypto to Celsius. (timing just too good for BCH holder like me)


If you interested in getting Celsius account , which aim in giving high interest rate to users.
You can earn $20 (new user promo ) + $20 (extra ,recent promo code DNS) in BTC equivalent if you transfer in $200 of crypto.

Meaning you are getting 20% ($40) if you transfer in $200 !!

Use my code to claim to $40 (Note: type in promo code DNS in your profile page ,before you transfer in the $200 )


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Thank you for your support. If you haven't heard of VAULT, time to explore. It might be our next payout scheme which I'm looking forward to work with.