DEC debacle, Leo stake and testing out the DEX

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If you play Splinterlands then surely you know about Dark Energy Crystals and how important they are within the game. They are tradeable tokens and lately, their value has been on a downward spiral. I generally like to avoid making trading decisions when I'm drunk but I went against my good judgement to buy a few thousand of them, not a lot, probably like $20 worth and literally immediately after I bought them, their value plummeted.

It felt like a real kick in the balls because the plan was to hold for the short term and invest in a few cards. With that drop, I devised another drunk trading strategy which basically entails buying many untamed packs and hoping I run into a few Gold Foils along the way. I got a few gold foils and a bunch of shitty cards but that's the game.

I put one gold foil in the market for $5 and due to the price dump of DEC, that turned out to be like 10,000 of the token. Which is surprisingly close to the amount of DEC I got in my shitty trade for $20. So all I need to do to get back the total DEC I got earlier is to sell like $7 more of cards at the current rate. Very interesting I must say.

I have also been paying attention to Leo tokens and they have been in ascendency for a while now. I hadn't been using LEO Dex in the past but after my trial, I found out that it is prettier on the eye, offers everything Hive-engine does on top of a more responsive site. I've been using it to stake most of my DEX tokens, including Leo which I have been slowly building up through posts and a tiny bit of trading.

Things are looking good around here and I hope it keeps rising. The token already got listed in an exchange outside of Hive and if it keeps on this trajectory, well, the sky is the limit. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed anyway. For now though, please pray for me; I'm about to drink and then get on Leo Dex.

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Glad you like the LeoDex :)

We've got a lot of changes in the pipeline, so I believe that we'll continue to provide a better and better UI/UX for the Hive community. We're just getting started!

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This is very impressive for a start point I must say. I'll be around more often and might make a few more drunk trades here and there

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Looks like you have a solid strategy for staying poor. I am proud of you.

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Takes a lot of hard work, dedication and alchohol

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Did you use a thesaurus for this one? lol

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lol. I'm pretty slick with the words baby.

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I always figured you could trade DEC somewhere. I haven't, I just use it in game. I may have to start watching the price and buying some dips from time to time.

Oh yeah, it trades on Hive-engine, steem-engine, leofinance dex and a couple other exchanges. The price is low now, and so buying it now is the best for in-game purchases...I think