The Musing: I'd like to buy fish with Hive please

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I like to think the goal is mainstream acceptance but to get to that point, people have to see the essence of having cryptocurrency and invariably spending it as a legal tender. In Nigeria, where until today, cryptocurrency is generally referred to as "Bitcoin Business" and people haven't grasped the concept of having alternate sources of value, it will be a mammoth task to achieving that.

Other than Nigeria, I'm pretty sure there are other places where cryptocurrency adoption is close to zero and the whole concept is alien. With all the marketing and whatnot going on, I wonder if a time will come when we'll get to full adoption, and when that time reaches, how it will affect society.

Governments of countries that give a shit will most likely kick against it because they fear it undermines their authority but the irony of it all is that embracing it and going with the flow will actually put them on an even higher level of control. Like, can you imagine how powerful a Government will be if they had a decent amount of Bitcoin? I'm sure some of them do and since it is Bitcoin, they'll be opaque as always.

I feel the real work we have to do isn't in marketing like you do with business but more of sensitization to make people understand it. The point is, I'd like to get to a point where I can walk up to the lady that sells smoked fish in my area and buy some with my Hive. That's not too much to ask now, is it?

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You can actually start by trying it now 😅.

I love the sense of being able to use Hive as a means of legal tender.

I think another way we can make Hive known is if we make an online shop and we place payments can also be made in Hive. That way, people will want to know what Hive is and how to try it out.

You get my point?

Yeah. I know @uyobong has a business and he accepts hive as payment.
When I open my own, I'm going to accept most cryptocurrencies as well.

Thanks man for the mention.

Man you are fast oh 😅

Wow. What's the business

Yeah, we have to set up mechanisms to send HIVE into the mainstream. It all starts with a little effort.

Yeah. Sensitizing more people and trying to do it organically

I know some people previously got local traders taking Steem and it ought to be possible with Hive too. The quick, free transfers make it more viable than some other cryptocurrencies. Just have to build up confidence and awareness.

I have bought a lot of stuff for Steem/Hive. Some has been direct from other users, but I also have a debit card I can link to crypto. That is not an option everywhere. We need more options to convert crypto to cash with reasonable fees.

I've paid for service with Steem and hive but never bought any commodity. You link your debit card to crypto? Is that like people or some special service? I would love to have something like that.

My card is from Wirex. Can use Bitcoin, Litecoin and others on it with easy conversion too and from pounds. Of course there are fees, but it's convenient. I had one before from Bitwala, but they had some issues and had to withdraw the service.