Examples of the Best Marketing Strategies in 2020

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Many people are confused if they want to market a product, which ultimately looks for examples of marketing strategies that fit the current era. Indeed, if we want to increase sales of products or services, marketing strategies are things that deserve attention, even mandatory.


But we must realize that the patterns and behavior of each era always changes, and of course our approach must adjust to these changes if we want our products to be known.

Well on this occasion BlockToken will discuss a few marketing strategies which until now still have good performance. What are they? Let's see.

Examples of the Best Marketing & Marketing Strategies 20 20

Here are some marketing techniques that you can use to make your product or business increasingly digital.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

The first marketing strategy is SEM or Search Engine Marketing . SEM is one of the best internet marketing sales strategies in the digital age with increasingly competitive competition.

SEM aims to make our products appear on the main page of the SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ) even though SEO is not good enough. The way it works is the advertiser by targeting keywords that are related to the product being sold.

So, when someone writes those keywords (keywords) on Google or other search engines, the ad will be displayed on the first page.

You could say SEM has a high percentage of success compared to advertising on mass media such as newspapers and television which tends only to increase brand awareness.

Why? because people who search for something in search engines are usually people who really need it. Of course this is far different from the advertisements on television that are shown to everyone.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a series of systematic strategies used to make a blog or website appear on the main page of a Search Engine Result Page (SERP). SEO aims to increase visitors to the website with targeted keywords.

Skills, experience and perseverance are things that are really needed in SEO optimization.

Almost similar to SEM, but this is a free version, aka we can get potential traffic for free. The drawback of doing SEO requires a relatively longer time, which is between 6 to 1 year.

An indicator that can be seen from the success of SEO is when the keywords we target are on the top pages of search engines. Related to SEO, there are some important things that you can maximize, namely website templates, content, and backlinks .

Social Media Marketing

The rapid growth of social media users makes one of these marketing strategies considered the most effective. Social media marketing is an activity to market or offer products, goods, or services using social media.

You can offer products through a variety of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube . In social media, content is still the most exhausted media of success.

Marketing content that you use can be in the form of text, images, and videos so that potential customers are interested in these products. Not only does it have a regular posting feature, the social media platform also has a paid advertising feature that will bring advertisements to predetermined social media target users.

Content Marketing

Understanding content marketing is planning, creating and distributing content on target to the audience. The aim is to attract the audience to get to know the product and encourage them to become customers.

Content marketing can be in the form of images, text, audio, video, etc. The most important thing from this marketing concept is to make the content as attractive as possible and to be carried out continuously.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the best approach if with conventional marketing you cannot reach consumers optimally. The opposite of inbound marketing techniques is outbound like visiting custumer, calling him, and other activities that sometimes make them disturbed.

Simply put, inbound marketing is how to make our business sought by potential customers, so we are not looking for customers but those who come to us.

One way that we can do is through content and interactions that provide solutions to their problems.

In the digital era like now, many people prefer to search for something through search engines or social media . That is why this example of marketing strategy is increasingly popular and is carried out by a number of people.

Inbound marketing is not only effective, but also more structured and cost-effective. If you want to do marketing this way, there are six elements that must be done.

  • Doing research
  • Create a channel to display content according to research conducted
  • Create content for various types of consumers according to marketing objectives
  • Post content and promote it
  • Catch prospects

Through inbound marketing , consumers will find your product or business through various types of channels that are used all the time such as social media and websites.

Cause Marketing

This is one type of marketing carried out by companies as a form of responsibility towards social issues with the aim of increasing profits and also helping the community.

How it works cause marketing such as sponsoring an activity that has a relationship to a particular issue and also advertising their products in the activity. For example, company X be a sponsor for a TV show that was broadcast live .

Influencing Marketing

Influencer is someone who has quite a powerful influence and has a large number of followers . These influencers include celebs, youtubers, food vloggers, public figures, and more.

Meanwhile, influencer marketing is a way to promote products through influencers by utilizing various social media platforms such as Instagram, Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, and so on.

Promotion in this way is considered more targeted and effective because many followers of influencers will be interested in the products or services they recommend.

The examples of marketing strategies above my think still have a good level of success. But of course it can't be even, we also have to see what our audience is like . If most of your audience is millennial and generation Z who are technology literate, we think this method is still quite effective, even very.

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