Withdrawal from Finiko .Product

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I bought my first Finiko .Product in July 2020. At that time, the Product terms were 3, 4 and 6 months. I bought a 3-month contract to double my stake of $500. That contract expired on 27 October and I made a video to document the withdrawal process, as I'd never done it before nor seen anyone else do it. It went smoothly if not quite quickly.

I expected the withdrawal to place the funds in my Finiko wallet as CFRs (Finiko's own token that's pegged to the USD), which would enable me to purchase another product and keep my funds in their system, but the withdrawal went out to my crypto wallet as Bitcoin.

The terms for the same .Product are now 4, 5 and 7 months, so 50%, 40% and 30%. It's a strange way they calculate it. You determine how much you want to have on expiration day and they then calculate the amount and term. So I'm about to put in the $1000 I made on my first contract. I go and and tell them I want to buy a

Anyway, here's my video on the withdrawal process. I've just recorded another video to show me buying the .Product with the proceeds of that first one, so sub to my channel to get that as it goes out when I've finished editing and uploading.

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@camuel, Sometimes strange things happens in the Numerical World. Stay blessed.


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I've been thinking of doing a piece on MTI :)

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I'll look out for that. Is it going well for you? I've got another Bitcoin-only platform going as well just now, called Finalmente. It's earning 6.85% a week! I can hook you up if you like.

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Not really got the liquid and I use gas to pay unca Doug ;)

Goin' ok at MTI, got a friend in so one leg gave me a bonus.

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