I Reached 34K Hive Power

in LeoFinance •  3 months ago 

Today I reached 34K Hive Power finally. My goal is to reach 50K Hive Power. I will power up Hive Power until the price of Hive is 4 USD. I hope I will see it one day.

Ekran Resmi 20200815 14.42.22.png

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Wow. You are Miles ahead, I also power further up. I think 1 USD will probably be a selling point for me to not power up my earnings and sell the liquid payout.

Cheer up!, I agree with you in 4K ;-)

Congratulations to you @chorock, it is really hard to reach that milestone but slowly you can achieve it :D

Congrats. That sounds a lot :)

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Congratulations there I just recently hit 18k myself man.

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That is an amazing milestone. I hope you will reach your goal of 50k HP sooner than you think.

My goal for the year is 2000 HP. I am currently at 1440.

Let's go!!!

I doubt the price will reach $4 but is good to dream about it.

Nice work! Keep voting others .

Wow, congrats mate for reaching such a high level on powering HIVE. Are you a Orca or Whale?

Myself I have put this year a milestone of 10k HP, but at the moment I am little bit more than 2K HP. Probably will need a lot of involvement to make it there.

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