Breakeven - 818.551 HIVE = 103.093 $

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Many have known or have heard about Dcity, if you jumped in from the start you probably would have already started jumping into pure profit or at least close to being.

As for myself, I have reached that line, and from now on moving forward I am racking in pure profit from this platform/game this game from Gerber I believe it is one of the most successful NFT games on the Hive blockchain.

The numbers don't lie and if you use a tool created from one of the Hive members allows you to see a nice and clean break down of your investment and profits income.

Check out my stats below as you can see I am already in the ++ at over 800 HIve in profits at current values, in Hive and SIM.


Breakeven - 818.551 HIVE = 103.093 $

This also includes Steem amounts if you started back then like myself.

If you are looking to park your Hive and Earn I even made a post about it HERE

Talks a bit about Dcity, might want to check it out.

I like Dcity and how we can build our very own strategic economies.
In my last post, I wrote about rewards and distribution and how it is by far my favorite place to place my HIVE ohh and also WORKERBEES you know for the Hive for the tribes.

So far it looks like I am doing good.

I have been focusing on SIM income a bit more, looking at other cities and how they are formed, and trying to figure out how efficient it is, is very interesting.

Well, here I share my formatted screen playing some nice tunes and showing you ( Braggin) on spending 960 Hive on Dcity NFT cards.

Since the presidency portal has been opened there has been a lot of movement on the price of SIM.


You can still jump in on Dcity, before 3rd Edition cards come out could be tomorrow could be next month better to get in now down the floor.

This is no financial advice but I am stacking SIM for the BiG day on this day I can see money to be made. You hear dit hear first.

Being a part of Dcity and LEO it made me more in tune with investing my fiat into Hive... yes unlike many of you that earn it for having a cool following and or having a deep pocket, I a PLEB have to purchase in small batches.... using small parts of income. So bare with me I am growing slowly.

Last month a made a post sharing with you on how my account is valued over 150,000 Hive with my Hive-Engine holdings and my Hive Power.

Thank you for stopping by.

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That has got to feel nice to be in profit now!
Mine isn't last I checked, but the value of the cards I am holding is what I look at and how much made a day.
So I know over what I invested, I am maybe 2x or 2.5x what I put in. Due to fix my spreadsheet with prices and amount of each card.

How do you check how much you've spent vs what you've made?

Posted Using LeoFinance Beta mate

I'm not anywhere close to break even for a while. lol

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 29 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!