Dcity Goal get in the top 20 By end of 2020

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Good morning, as many of you know in this space of Hive Dcity is growing in value once more, 3rd edition cards are on the way and 1st edition will be only available in the Market.. remember the Pokémon days.. yea don't do that again. save em. stake em.

So I wanted to also get back into he game I have since made my money back and been earning pure profit the last month or more I bet.

Now its time to put profits back into the game and even dump some more cheap hive.. As my headline stated I am trying to jump back in the top 20 and my main goal is to also earn at least 80,000-90,000 SIM a day. I am currently earning 18,000 - 20,000 SIM which are now rookie numbers.

Rookie Numbers no bueno.

Think about it

  • with Hive being so cheap and with already in the green with the game I can only come to only one conclusion I must put more $$ into the platform.

So that is my goal, try to invest as much back into it.

The reason for this insanity is Dcity has been doing some back end work and doing some math's and trying to create new incentives and functions within the game much of it has to do with new tech and the government section, just as much as the recent holding SIM % give back.

3rd Edition

Keeping this in mind the game will no longer allow for you to purchase 1st edition cards from the game, the only way would be to purchase on the Market, so what am I doing..


trying to gobble up as much of the 1st edition.

You can already see The Hive pool growing once more and SIM getting more Bag Hodlers

Here are my stats for the moment,


As far as the Techs that I have and continue to stake, I have yet to sale any so here are my current tech holdings, I don't know if having multiple techs does anything positive.

Chronocrypto Tech
Chronopolis Tech

With also the addition of my daily payouts of SIM from the Brofund which is around 3,000 SIM. I should be able to hit my goal, currently a portion of my daily earnings are being used to pay on a LOAN I took here on hive.. So after that I should be able to bring in some 600+ hive daily.

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Good luck with that goal.

I look forward to seeing you in the top 20.

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I appreciate it.

See you at the top.

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Haha I don’t even know if I want to hit above rank 120.

Racking in them SIMs, I think it would be a wise idea 💡 to try go get close to 50 only because we are getting Lambos soon.

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Seems like a lot of money to sink in.

I'm just working on my SIM income now. Might spend some more HIVE to optimize a few things. Then, just gonna do the cash out half and reinvest half thing.

It would be a lot money if the the ROI wasn’t so great I started around April and as I stated above I have been in profit for some time now. I can see the Hive pool hitting 350K Hive.

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The only thing we need to worry about is the long term sustainability of the game and the rest will work itself out.

This can be a long term Ponzi.

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Amazing how much potential this game has! Your city is amazing!

Also, good luck with your goal, it shall be reachable. I've got a smaller target, to reach by Christmas the top 400, as I've just restarted the game.

Do you buy also buy basic homes, luxury homes or only apartments? On what buildings is your focus on?

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Yea mate this game has some very nice profit potential and varies ways to earn $.

I tend to purchase random cards I haven’t really bought much in the market. Better deals when you purchase random.

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Thank you for the tip. I've tried it and bought 60 cards and it was more profitable to buy them like this than to snipe each card. I know next time when I will do it. It is a good strategy, as I sell the ones that I don't need for a profit and like this maximize it. Target is to reach income of 2000SIMs/day at the end of the year.

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Yea it works, unless you really want to level up your say Banks buy a ton of them, make sure to read all announcements past and present at least so you know how the game has progressed.

2,000 is reachable.

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2,000 is reachable.

It is for sure. 1244 today after taxes. It can only grow. :)

I sell the banks at the moment, no fiat, only crypto is needed.

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That's a nice "little" city you have there. I've been telling people about dCITY and trying to get across that the more you put into then game, the more you get out of it. Getting into the top 400 is one thing, but staying there requires continued investment, hence the reason I think this game will be around for a long time...

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Yea if you stay in the 🔝 you can make some dough.

As I stated above though I have been in pure profit for about a month or more now.

So it’s a nice nest egg.

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 33 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!