ETC Thanos Snap MH/s profits

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You probably have noticed some posts of mine, of me writing about ETC and mining it with my small rig, well I am sure that it will pay off soon.

When I got my set up and started mining ETC, it was around $5 a coin, now its sitting at $7.50 I am able to mine .55 ETC a day which I see it as a massive warning sign on why the hell am I not mining more of this, considering the ATH for ETC was at around $40 back in 2017 sure it was the bull run but we have another BULL run and its going to be massive so my conservative price for ETC will be at $100 at my rate if I continue to mine I could be brining in some nice change.

There is an update and maybe it has to do with the nice pump as well, Alas after all the 51% attacks that happened this year alone the dev team came up wit an Upgrade called Thanos its rather cool, have a read below.


The Ethereum Classic blockchain network will undergo an upgrade named Thanos on November 29, 2020 at block #11,700,000.

With the upgrade, the Ethereum Classic developers will double the Ethash epoch duration from 30,000 to 60,000 blocks, reducing the DAG size to prevent 51% attacks. The modification will allow miners with 3 GB and 4 GB GPU systems to resume mining ETC, increasing security and promoting a more distributed and healthy mining ecosystem, states an official announcement.


I think this is a good move this allows more people to add more hashing power with their lower ram cards, which is good for me I have another rig that is 4 GB cards and I have 4 of them. More hashing power to my mini farm.

Check out some of my stats so far.

Mining MH/s ETC


I am getting the payments sent to my ATOMIC wallet.

One of my favorites wallets you can even have WLEO on your wallet.

  • Atomic Wallet

I do hope that this new hardfork will allow to bring in more eyes to the coin and add more value to it. Thus my mining of it was a good choice in any case I do still see it going up, alts follow BTC even shit coins.

Nanopool Stats.

I have to admit I was mining ETH before this which is great because I was able to reach my threshold of .05 ETH and was than able to CONFIG my miner to mine ETC simple swap and go. So this is why my stats are so low.

Goal in mind before end of 2020 is to set up a 6 CARD rig to be able to mine profits.

Count your chips..

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Im recently going back to mining, 8 x GTX 1070 , is the only rig I have back from my mining days on 2017 and its banking, read something about this fork, will take a look, keep on mining

Jump on and mine some
ETH, ETC or even Ravencoin! You’d make some nice change.

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