Hive-Roller Leveling up big bucks

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Been leveling up but I guess it's been going rather well due to some big bets I placed which have jumped me from 173 to almost Level 400 my goal is to reach over 9,000.


I don't know what you get in return for leveling up but it's fun nonetheless.

One cool feature I like about Hive-Roller is that it allows you to Bankroll the site, with not just one token but with a handful and they are the most well-known coins to play on hive...

Current tokens on the site to play and invest.

  • Hive
  • HBD
  • PAL
  • BROS

I mean that's rather cool! So if you have a coin or tribe token, you can see about getting it added to the site so others can play and invest yet another Sink for your token!

Token Listing Information
Interested in Listing Your Token on
This information comes straight from ()

Any party wishing to have their token listed on may do so by contacting us in our Discord or in the Trollbox. A listing fee of 1500 HIVE will be required and the token must have a proper logo in order to be considered for listing. Up to 25% of the 1500 HIVE listing fee may be paid in the prospective Token to be listed, this will help supply an initial bankroll in the event no users wish to invest in the bankroll off the get-go.

How Long Does it Take to Implement a Token?

Due to the somewhat labor-intensive process in implementing new Tokens onto the site and to tie in everything on the back end please allow up to 2 business days to allow your Token to be listed after paying for the listing. In the future, this Token implementation turnaround time may be reduced but as it sits please allow 2 days before inquiring. Token listing is all done manually and consists of over 30 changes to the codebase of the site so please be patient.

Again I do enjoy the Investment section, where you can go full Degen at 99x with all your Tokens!! Boom no no don't do that...

A bit more information on how that works for you,

Bankroll Investing Information
This information comes straight from ()

This site allows all users to become the house by allowing the opportunity to invest in the community bankroll. By offering instant asset investment as well as divestment coupled with the ability to deploy real-time leverage/multiplier adjustments up to 99x, users can easily make a profit on their Tokens while retaining a high degree of liquidity due to being able to instantly get your capital returned when you wish to do something else with it.

How does Investment Gain Profit?

Investment gains are credited as profit on each roll lost by any gambler assuming the amount earned by the investor's capital is greater than 0.00000001 Token after calculating the percentage of bankroll share owned by invested amount times the investment margin multiplier. However, if gamblers win their bet the opposite happens and investors may lose some of their capital, however, unless you're highly leveraged it is unlikely you will ever lose all of your investment.

If you are a gambler and enjoy the thrill of the game check out this site created by the man himself @kyle, the worst Coder ever! :)
Or if you want to bet with the house and earn some nice $$ on the side check out the investment site. But be careful when dumping it all and going full DEGEN like most on the site they go for x99 seems to be connected to WHEN LAMBO?

See ya!

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If you are a gambler and enjoy the thrill of the game check out this site created by the man himself @kyle, the worst Coder ever! :)

So looks like he made it thrilling !! I bought some DEGEN , need to check, what can I do with them.

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Ohh it's even better now ... even though he might suck at CODE .. give him a break though. 😁

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 30 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!