Mining and stacking ETC, But ETH 2.0.. so what.

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I wanted to share with you a bit more about ETC and why I am mining it considering mining ETH.. at the moment is the most profitable to mine.. Key words for me are "at the moment" sure mining ETH is the best GPU coin to mine, with the whole ETH 2.0 thingy... They are trying to get rid of GPU mining... I highly doubt that is what is going to happen many not until a year or 2 from now. Sure check out this ETH contract wallet.

524,288 ETH Was needed to boot up ETH 2.0

at close to 900,000 Staked eth just chilling in a Smart Contract wallet that is a ton of money... Hacks any one?

  • Check this out, I ain't kidding.


Scary to have Half a billion dollars sitting

499,636,736.00 ETH is just chilling in this wallet and it has passed the threshold 326,592 ETH damn...
talk about some serious money being tossed around the Whales always having all the fund.

Its not even about Money

It isn't even about the money any more its the damn power these big wigs have.. ahhh Crypto currency its a money printer for the already rich and a long term Hobby at striving it rich or even some decent vacation money.. Not even a lambo any more.

So back to why I am mining ETH.. remember when ETH was $1 some years back.. Well at the time you could mine 1 ETH a day with a $600 dollar GPU.. think about it..

ETC has hit $40 + plus before

What's to say that ETC wont ride on ETH and BTC wave for some time. I as I mentioned it back in another post ETC if following this massive wave BTC and soon to follow ETH are creating.. Money will be pouring from all corners of the financial world.

So I am currently mining .6~ ETC a day.


not much but its honest mining.

Think about it ETC to $100. Also this

#ETC hard-fork "Thanos" will change coin algo to #EtcHash at block 11,700,000, November 29th. This will allow 3GB and 4GB GPU to resume mining ETC. Please, check your miner supports #ETC fork and upgrade/change it. Make sure your #nanominer is at least v1.12.0

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Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 33 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

I read about ETC making a comeback. Could be a good one to get into before a boom or wait and see if things drop some more again before buying in.

Smaller amount being mined but as you said, honest mining and it could keep going up in price and make it even more worthwhile.

Australia doesn't have the best prices for electricity so it costs too much, unless you are setup for it and better with solar panels helping cut costs down.

Will have to rely on working up funds from dCity and LEO, then buy some crypto again myself.

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