WIN & SBET Dividend Report | How To Get BNB Drops (Tutorial)

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Things continue to move along for both the & platforms and Dividends continue to roll in. Today I learned how to also get the BNB drops, this is how it's done...


So over a week ago launched a sub-platform on the Binance Smart Chain called where bets can be placed with BNB. 30% of those earnings flow to WIN token holders. Those Dividends are not added to your Tron Wallet but to the BNB chain to which you need to connect your account to.


Dear Winkster,

We are happy to announce that we have started the payment of BNB drops from Blink to Wink token holders.

All users need to do is to IMPORT the private key(s) of the wallet(s) they have used to freeze Win, Dice or Live into METAMASK wallet configured for Binance Smart Chain to access the drops.

Note that all accumulated and future drops will continue to be paid. Users can access their funds anytime they import their private key(s).

Please follow the guides provided to complete the process:

  1. Set up metamask wallet to connect to Binance Smart Chain

  2. Import private key of wallets used to freeze Wink token. Done

This is how you do this:

Find the Private Key of your TRON account in Tronlink by going to the Export tab where it can be found. Go to Metamask afterward (or install it if you don't have it yet) and connect to the Binance Smart Chain. To do this, click on the network on top which will be connected to the Main Network (or go to Settings and click the Networks tab where it says ("Add and Edit custom RPC Networks"). Fill in the Data shown below in the image there which allows you to connect to the Binance Smart Chain. All you need to do now is click the import account button in Metamask and add your TRX Private there.

WINK Dividends

I will start checking my BNB drops once a week calculating the conversion rate in TRX and adding that to the Dividends from Sunday from now on. Overall Wink has gotten quite a big hit this last 2 weeks with the Price vs TRX being at an all-time low of 2598 TRX for 1 Million WIN. Based on the current price and the dividends from last week, the weekly Dividends are around 0.52%, based on the 21-Day moving average they are at 0.795% & based on the 100-day moving average they are at 1.331%. This Dividends chart where I track the 100-Day moving average Dividends calculated in Dollars is about to get a dive down the coming month.

I continue to slowly increase my WIN holding cost-averaging using some of my DEC earnings from Splinterlands as long as the price is below 0.00001$.


Another good week for the SBET Dividends, the number of users seems to be increasing again a bit which is a trend I would like to see continue and both the price and the Dividends are up compared to last week. Based on the current numbers, the expected Dividends are +0.73% on a weekly basis which is right around where it can be expected on average.

That was it again for this week.

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