Field Of Dreams

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I think ever since I started on the block chain I knew it had earning possibilities but never thought or realised how much. Once you start breaking things down and simplifying them it becomes fairly obvious if all the stars line up what is possible. To be honest they don't even have to line up that straight either as the potential is here already. It is a bit like that Kevin Costner film "Field Of Dreams", build it and they will come.

Arriving on just over two years ago the thought I had was another opportunity missed as I am too late to the party. How wrong I was but it motivated me like never before to get ahead and not waste that. Users arriving today can still be considered early adopters but need to understand the opportunities that are here and not spurn them like many have before and left as they never found instant rewards.The rewards are here if you are prepared to work for them in many forms whether it is posting or curating or better still both.

I always wanted to be in the position of having some value with a vote not thinking that the curation benefits would become a major earner. In the past before the 50/50 and self voting curation was just something you did without ever considering the earning potential.

50/50 split on post rewards changed that overnight though giving the smaller accounts a chance to at least start earning something. I think this was important to the accounts who had been around a while, but hadn't really grown that much. Now many of these accounts are experienced at the art of curation and timings to maximise whatever they have as voting power.

On Hive today if your account has around 14 000 Hive your vote is worth around 1 Hive so in other words you will upvote with around 10 Hive per day. Recently we experienced Hive being at $1 so that vote with 14 000 Hive staked would equate to $1. Now two or three years down the line Hive has risen in value and is for example $4 in value and the account has 3 x as much Hive staked which is very possible. That account is now voting with $12 votes and with curation being what it is should expect to pocket $1800 per month by just voting.

I know this does sound ridiculous to think that someone can read something and vote accordingly and earn a living from this. The accounts that are much bigger holding more stake are well aware of the possibilities that lie ahead and $4 I believe is very doable for what this block chain offers. Steem made over $8 and that was not nearly as good as what the offerings are on here today.

The way the world is moving today with so much uncertainty I believe it is only a matter of time before the popularity of sites like Hive take off. We have been saying this a while now wondering when mass adoption will happen but the world has never been so mixed up like it is now. Unemployment and people sitting at home with no prospects will find these types of sites so they can try better their financial position.People will be desperate and will have no choice and it may take a few years but they will come. It is not a question of if, but when will this happen?

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I have always underestimated the value of curation. I am just now learning how big of a deal it can be.

In terms of return on investment, Hive has nearly infinite ROI. Let's say that my account built up to 14,000 Hive and that each vote would be about 1 Hive, as you calculated.

If I remain at 14,000 Hive and give out votes every day, at some point I will have awarded more hive than the 14,000 I hold. In terms of charitable giving, one large investment can go a long way towards providing income for many people continuously. It's a poor man's endowment.

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I see this exactly as a type of retirement fund. No one knows how well it will do but I will take my chances as a worse case scenario there is passive income. The beauty is you can curate whilst also getting your interest paid daily. 14 000 is around 28 Hive per month on interest alone and then you have curation rewards as well. The account will keep growing even if you aren't around for weeks at a time as long as you have the curation set on auto. My thinking is to get as large as possible in order to have choices as that is exactly what you will have even if Hive is at $1 or $10 or whatever the price is.

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