Hive Power Up Day 1st July

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Not to miss out on Hive Power Up day I added another 700 odd hive this evening. For myself every day is a power up day and no different as I have never taken 1 Hive out as I don't see the point. Not needing to helps and there is no plan no matter how dire things get. I don't want to be like the pizza guy spending Hive knowing full well it is going to go up.

Every Hive that is staked makes yours and other accounts you support grow stronger. I believe it is a win win scenario where everyone benefits over the long term. Two years down the line and I feel I have only just started with so much more to do and achieve. this is a 5 year plan I have embarked on and there is little to no deviation allowed. I have no clue what is possible as a target after 5 years as so many outside influences could change things.

I find it encouraging that so many of the users I engage with on a daily basis have also grown considerably and have the same type of mindset. I think being able to assist others and help them grow is the one pleasurable side of this that I enjoy most. Being part of a community i think is what makes this place. The more you have the more you can give and receive it seems. What is there not to like about that.

I am now just outside the top 500 and see that as a target to catch the others ahead of me. Somedays it is hard to stay inspired to keep going but I think we all have that every now and again. Personally it is sometimes difficult to find the time and energy required, but we all seem to somehow. Knowing the possibilities of what might it become long term is all the drive one needs.

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Wow ... 30 k ... Fantastic. Way to go.

Thanks. Just the start though as 50 000 is the next new target.

I hope to get to 50k this year too....maybe 100k .....I might need to sell a few Bitcoins to get there though

Lol. Bitcoins would help. I think just doing what you do and growing every day is the only way. Lets see how close we can get as having a target is always good to help keep one focused.


We can all get there it just takes time. Just shows as this is 27 months of dedication.

Nice! The pizza day serves as both a tale of caution and adventure in a lot of funny ways. We celebrate it for the glory of using Bitcoin to buy something, but all fear that we'll end up spending a few thousand coins that might be worth 100x in the future

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Exactly and why I won't touch mine. Can you imagine how you would feel knowing what you have wasted. It would make me feel sick for years.

I love your attitude, @cryptoandcoffee! And I agree - it's definitely the community that makes this place. When I joined back in late 2017, I'd never even heard of the pizza story, but now thanks to the education I've gotten from chatting with everyone, I agree - I don't want to spend a penny today that might be a gazillion dollars! And thanks so much for supporting Hive Power Up Day - I really appreciate it. Oh, and good luck with your five year plan - I have a very good feeling about where we'll all be at that time! 😊

Wow! Congratulations! I vacillate between waiting and powering up. This month, when I decided to join, #hibePUD, I waited. I do have to agree on the community, and must add that, at times, it's a bit much with some of the squabbles. Glad for a quiet patch! 🤣

Congratulations - I know what you mean about gradually, I didn't even feel the need to power up to my next base 10 milestone, I quite like the gradual increase.

And I know what you mean about not PDing - I have no intention either!

Drip-drip buy in for me too going forwards¬!

Thanks. It is the best way as the feeling of accomplishing something is there. Many can just invest and do very little but have actually achieved nothing as they have no clue on how to grow. This account takes on a new meaning once you put in time and effort.

I agree, in fact I have to discipline myself to spend time off HIVE - now is my lunch time period, I'll force myself to go offline now until at least 16.30 (three hours from now).

I have also just continued to power up all of my Hive. I don't see a day anytime soon where I would be pulling out any of my stake. Right now it is still the best time to grow and build your account to prepare ourselves for the day where it might be worth it to pull some out.