Kissing Businesses Goodbye

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We are shutting up shop yet again and honestly wondered what took them so long.Removing alcohol again which in my opinion shouldn't be on sale during the lock down period. The majority of people can barely afford to eat properly so removing a temptation is only right.

Day 108 sounds like a dear diary episode, but this is a crazy real scenario. I don't believe other countries have had this lock down like we have had for such a long period of time with no end in sight. Rumors are we will reach our peak periods in September so that is only two months away. We are at least over half way if that is how this is going to work.

I must admit I haven't paid much attention lately to the various announcements as many of us know that we are all going back into a stricter no movement period. The businesses that were allowed to open will be shut and the alcohol ban is just the first step.

The ones that can afford the new pricing from the black market will just pay much like all the smokers are still doing. Amazing to think everyone smoking right now is a criminal in the eyes of the law as they are buying boot legged cigarettes. No one would have nearly 4 months supply of fags and people haven't given up so smuggling is huge right now. It pays to be a criminal in South Africa currently as no one heeds the law or very few seem to anyway.

I have in my mind basically written off this year already business wise as I am one of the lucky few which actually have something real and it will be there at the end of whatever happens here next. The fists phase of the lock down destroys roughly 10 000 businesses and expect the next phase to do roughly the same if not more damage. This is not a joyous time but it is removing competitors so one has to look for positives in all the bleakness that exists.

Thursday will be another announcement and further restrictions will then follow repeating and back pedaling what was already undone only a few weeks ago. I will most likely be busy on the phone again for the next few days as one more deal for the month would be a nice way of signing off July. I have a new client to visit who is an essential business so it will allow me more freedom to travel around legally in another area of the region. These are not strange times but more precisely fucked up ones and keeping your sanity is fairly easy for me. I let very few things get me down and believe that is the only way to live.

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this is terrible news. Where do you stand on whether or not you believe any of this is actually necessary or beneficial? Not looking for a debate, I'm just curious.

I am in the middle really on the fence. The problem is the majority if people here are illiterate and do not understand. I can comfortably do a days work without any worries if allowed to but the majority can't. If it wasn't so bad then why are doctors picking and choosing people who they are going to treat and leaving the others to die. That is what is happening here right now and I don't believe the figures either. Hard to know what is true and what isn't and why I have an open mind on this. My thoughts are fuck it and let us live our lives and move on but we aren't allowed to. I have said we will be in the top worst hit countries due to the illnesses we have here already and the fragility of the people. Another 2 -3 months I reckon which will decimate businesses and the population if it is all true. People are really simple here and they wont listen or heed warnings.
Soweto is reported to have over 100 000 cases which tells me that is closer to 500 000 due to the way people live there. Many travel in cramped taxis with 12-16 at a time. If they didn't understand the implications of AIDS then Covid will be rampant. Alcohol was banned due to the way people drink in a social atmosphere so I get that.

Pretty crazy how much disruption is going on - it is like a test in what normal people can take.

I agree as it is a test of what each person can stomach. Some are better off financially than others so their testing is a little easier. Patience I think with a clear head is going to win over everything else and I have tons of that. Another 3 months should change my business for the good as the suppliers around would have been trimmed down somewhat. As long as we are all healthy that is what matters and everything else is minor.

No booze!

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Oh wow, that is horrible! I think we are heading that way too, but probably not to that extreme. I am really sorry to hear this. Hang in there!