Got that damn dividends Part #9 🤑🤑!

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Almost ten weeks have passed since I started a kind of experiment on BetFury see here, which i'm trying to use the free BTC the site offers every 20 mins (1800 sats daily if you claim it all) to mine their token BFG and got dividends by holding it. The last month i have also add in my strategy some paid boxes that gives you interest that depends the time period you lock your funds. My current novice rank (based on total wager) allowed me to buy only Aqua Boxes which give me back 10% for 30 days, the amount for that boxes limited to 5 boxes (three of my boxes must be refilled today if i want to have the maximum amount of boxes) so my total investment is just 37.5K sats (7.5K sats per box). With 10% interest i will get back 41250 sats which might look small but i get it from nothing. My main target for now is to increase my rank by one, so better boxes will be available with better returns.


The 991.58 BFG (combined) adding also 500 sats daily to my balance and it's pretty much a good amount to claim by doing nothing. If i have to set a target for the next days/weeks that would be 1000 sats daily, a fairly good amount.


So, if you like my idea and you want to experiment with betfury too just click on the banner and join the fun!

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