Turning 0.723 Hive Into 11 Hive (1420% Gains) With Blockchain Gaming & Bit of Luck

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I've been playing @dcitygame for a long time (almost since the game started) Things have been good for me. I'm not a top player. But I'm happy for my position and earnings. Games like https://dcity.io allows to have both fun and earnings at the same time.

Passive Income Before & After Tax

Passive Earnings.png

I had 650 SIM from my past earnings. I only had to spend a small 0.723 Hive for extra SIM. These were simply from my post earnings and what I get from @peakmonsters rental market and few other passive income streams including Hive payouts for dcity.io

What I Payed Out of Pocket


What I Got


At the time of getting the NFT it was worth 11 Hive on the market. That's a 1420% gains for anyone interested. Even if you take the full 800 SIM/4 Hive asking price per new NFT purchase, that's still 175% gains.

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You have to buy some sim before you can begin?