November 21st 2020 - A Single Man...

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Map of South Australia (source: Wikimedia Commons)

As we await the inevitable arrival of Bitcoin's new All Time High, it is useful to be reminded that nothing is certain in the world. At least in the world, that unlike mathematical truth of cryptocurrencies, is ruled by feelings, falsehoods and fake news. The latest example was provided by South Australia, where the government imposed new strict 6-day lockdown due to the alleged arrival of COVID-19 strain described by "six times more infectious" than the regular strain(s) they wreak havoc on world in 2020. The potentially apocalyptic news, which was being promptly spread by the most mainstream media, was now turned out to be fake. And to make matters even more embarrassing for South Australian government and even more depressing for all those who rely on mainstream news for COVID-19 information, it was caused by a single man. The COVID-19 carrier, who had been tested positive after dining in Woodville Pizza Bar, conventiently forgot to tell the authorities about his previous presence in the establishment as its employee. If COVID-19 pandemic allows a whole state to be put in economic meltdown over a single person wanting to hide some of his/her income from a tax authorities, we can only imagine what kind of damage in this situation can be caused by more malevolent, better motivated and more shrewd individuals and organisations.

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