SplinterLands - 'Blood in the Streets?' - PART 2

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In our past updates we have shown how the DEC mechanism works and explained that it is now a very low price. But since our last update, we have come across some information that we believe it is important to share, and essential to share in a responsible manner.

As Lebowski said, 'New shit has come to light.'

With a trigger warning, we will let you in on a discord server called Splintered Lands where, over the last 2 weeks j6969 has laid out his personal case against Splinterlands, and has begun to sell off his card collection.

The first thing to note are the market mechanisms at force. Because a major collector is liquidating, and now the only currency being used is DEC, the DEC price is being forced down, and will require even more DEC to purchase cards off the market. This 'sticky pricing' will force the sellers to continually list prices lower on the market to make up for the fact that their DEC dumping is making their own cards expensive.

Not all of the greivances that caused this sell off are the same. It appears that some, especially Jarunik, are disgusted with the way the HIVE transistion was handled, without warning, without permission.

Users in this discord claim that since their assets have been moved from their steem wallets to their hive wallets without permission (one user even claims he changed the HIVE keys, sold the wallet, then Splinterlands gave his cards to that wallet, now in the hands of another user without his permission, though he fails to provide proof, so they may just have identified this as a possible problem, whether or not it actually happened to them) then this is demonstrable proof that the game is neither decentralized nor cryptographicly secure.

The main actor J6969 is dumping hundreds of thousands of cards, the entire collection. This once ran a bot network. This user bought into splinterlands with a special deal. They now claim that in that special deal, @aggroed and @yabbapmatt mislead him, that they claimed he was buying 'decentralized NFTs'.

After dumping, he claims to be sueing the Splinterlands company for fraud. He was sold 'decentralized assets', and instead got something else.

Now, the outcome of this is quite uncertain, and not all of it is necessarily true. But certainly it might be important for people to know what is happening in the markets. There is some speculation that this may even be a boon to the crypto space, as having some actual court case would make everyone working in the space feel better.

What is the difference indeed? And will it matter? These appear to be questions for some courts in the U.S. What the overall effect of this lawsuit will be on Splinterlands, we cannot know. But the major asset selling that has led us here is quantifiable, through the specific accounts that are selling. Whether the 'marketing effect' of going to court is bullish or bearish, time will tell!

One humorous piece of note, the law as J6969 understands it, appears to have a loophole which we noticed:

We are not lawyers or experts in legal matters. And none of this post is advice. It is just History, and Due Diligence is expected of all readers and buyers in today's world.

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Jarunik is a skilled developer once asked to assist in the Nextcolony game. In that game price money was collected by players and paid out during the game when the hardfork appeared. The NC team decided the hive was theirs where some - like me - thought price money (new steem + hive) should have remained for players. It is funny to see that when steem is transfered people still complain.

Perhaps we should sue @nextcolony?

Patiently awaiting INFINITE FLEET myself. 😎

Interesting....very interesting.😁
We will have to see how this one shakes out. Good report.

This sounds like it could get really technical from a legal perspective!

I'm speculating, but I'm guessing that Splinterlands has blocked bots with the move to Hive - hence this is about 'use' of tokens - the assets are secure on the chain, at least the record, but I guess the Splinterlands team can block certain accounts from playing in certain ways?

Surely Bot operators wouldn't just sell-off if they could just carry on milking?

All speculation on my part, and 'grey' from a legal perspective for sure, if that's the case.

SL never blocked bots! They introduced some measures against extensive milking but they have always been treated like real players.

I was wondering, I just heard something about some bot accounts having difficulty accessing Splinterlands through Hive.

I was unsure.

It's a tough one, I guess if you sell someone a 'decentralised token' they expect to be able to interact with it with total freedom!

Nah, that was a made up story, off course the bots have to be recoded a bit with the change from Steem to Hive but only a few lines of code to be changed, no issue.

And if they want true NFT, it is possible by moving them to Ethereum or Wax

The real issue is that you have to keep "investing" in this game to stay on top. If your initial investment is half a million dollars like j6969, it is an expensive joke to stay leveled


It strikes me as quite a sad way to make money - far better to Power up Hive and at least help people out with upvotes and earn curation, albeit a lesser return, rather than being an irritation to so many who play the game by running a bot network.

If you're going to invest at least play the damn game!

What a crap use of decent coding skills, honestly.

Hopefully those who are selling will find something more useful/ constructive/ harmonious to do with that money, and their skills.

Isn't keeping people investing all part of an 'effective business plan'? In a way that's the game I enjoy playing more than the actual game - trying to level up for as cheaply as possible and be an economic winner.

I wonder where they prices will level out at - they are coming down quite fast!

it seems it takes us great discipline to stop trying to level up our deck...

I think you have the gist of it! It was important to us to present this in a balanced way.


It was a nice balanced account, thanks!

So basically j6969 thought that those cards exist outside the splinterlands servers... like this is not just a custom json but an actual nft.

Also I like "I just do what my lawyers say".

Yes and that since the lie was told with high prices, that he will be owed a lot of money after dumping. Maybe we do need some laws😅

You flag me, I flag you. Fun times

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Lol, that had to be missclick, easy to do on mobile ><

I like the fact that eos is out of top10 :)

If j6969 thought that he failed to do his due diligence.
Splinterlands was up front that it was a second layer solution and was not completely decentralised.
I've been aware of that since the very beginning.
Don't sound like a strong case to me.
Is j6969 associated with Yuchen Sun?

Is J6969 the guy behind the TH bots? I thought it was two people competing downwards.

I just did a wallet trawl.

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Yes, he is behind the bots. Jarunik is the competitor for downward pricing.

We do not know what the private deal was. I know with coming of j6969 ,untamed and bot networks.I lost my will to upgrade my cards.