LeoFinance 'paid' my rent for October - Want to know how?

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Ok, I'm sorry for the misleading title (a lot of more things to consider), but technically this is what happened:


~1750 LEO at 0,25$ = ~437$ or ~370€ IN 2 WEEKS, which is more than enough to cover my already suppressed 'student expenses'.

And you know what?

I'm not dumping a single one.

I'm wrapping all of them again and providing that much-loved liquidity to Uniswap:


Yes, this is mine.

How I executed my LMLG ('Let's Make LEO Great') plan:

I'm very happy to see that my 'trading plan' worked (much better!) than expected. I will never get tired to say that a good trader must never be afraid to take action and to change things on the go.

This is how I played the Uniswap Launch:

1 ) Provide A LOT of liquidity on the first day (HOUR!) of the pool. In fact I owned like ~10% of the entire pool (in fact slightly more) the first 3 days or so.


This alone granted me very big LEO payouts on the first snapshots.


Notice that the LEO payout decreased more and more every day after more liquidity joined the pool. Which brings me to the second part of my strategy, which started when I published my 100K LEO post.

2 ) As payments for being a liquidity provider reduces (a great problem to have! Kudos to all of you LP's!), swap all the ETH into more LEO.


3 ) Then stake everything.

By doing this I achieved a few things:

  • Stability; no more 'reduced' payments due to increased liquidity.
  • No LEO loss; due to impermanent loss.
  • Full exposure to LEO appreciation;

With only a 'big' downside:

I'm 'overleveraged' into LeoFinance. A risk, that obviously, I have been assuming for quite some time.

But at the same time due to the big price appreciation, LEO became a big part of my Crypto Portfolio.

Now, What?

Seems that the future is bright for the LeoFinance ecosystem.

  • We have at least one ETH Whale accumulating wLEO. (When I say whale I say someone with 2000 ETH, check the link).

  • Almost no one of the LEO Whales is dumping. Check @edicted post.

  • Khaleel said: ''We've been contacted by a number of CEXes (centralized exchanges) about listing WLEO. Some of these exchanges have a great reputation and others have a less great reputation for their "market-making" offerings.'' source

Your decision if you still think that's 'too late'. Most said the same at 0,15 HIVE/LEO. If we reach 1-2$/LEO later this year (or next year, whatever) don't complain.


Now we can start charting $wLEO in a decent way; (coinmarketcap listing blessing)

Check charts.cointrader.pro

I'm loving it for all my TA related chores btw, not only wLEO.


Stay safe my friends.
As always take care when trading.

leofinance divider.png

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Out of curiosity, how much wLEO do you have? I have a huge Hive payout in a few hours and am looking to potentially make a sizeable move into LEO.

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Oh sorry, didn't see your image - so you have 30k wLEO? Do you also have to hold eth equivalent to that amount too? I really am trying to learn all this and what rates to expect so that I can enter a position knowledgeably.

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Few things to consider at the moment.

  1. Don't enter the liquidity pool now. Seems that something has been compromised and someone got able to mint 500K wLEO. The price is dumping for that reason.

  2. I own a very big position; 100K LEO + Miners. Things of being an early investor.

  3. The profits for staking LEO in their native form is a ~30% APR (curation). If you provide eth + WLEO the APR is closer to ~100% (but you need exposure to ETH).

Check this post for more details.

LeoFinance is facing now a critical issue. Probably gets sorted in a few hours, but I'm assuming that maybe a token swap is required. Waiting a few hours is the safest option.

Best of luck!

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best of luck


its amazing article


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And mine, good strategy you've got there.

I've got no real strategy other than just stake and hold and I'm pretty happy with my gains even!

Staking & curating has been a great strategy since the beginning. Shame on that unfortunate hack.

Hope you're fine.

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I was able to get my entire stake out - I think I was one of the last to be able to do so, how about you?

A couple of ETH light, but overall I'm just back where I was before the whole WLEO PUMP started a few weeks ago.

I still think we can move forwards, I even bought more LEO today.

Fortunately, the hack caught me with 'only' 2000 LEO + 1,3 ETH in the liquidity pool.

I wasn't at home, so I wasn't able to withdrawal anything from the pool.

I'm considering buying more again or not, as I already have a very decent chunk. But well see how things unfold.

Happy that didn't result in a very big loss for you. Overall I'm ok.

Love your enthusiasm. People like you and my nigga @trumpman strengthen my faith in this project.

Oh, and you know, if Leo gets to $2, a tiny fraction of your leo stack might actually pay your rent

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@trumpman is the best. leo wouldn't be the same without him.

Even with LEO at 0,1$ I'm happy forever.

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Same here brother. We'll rise above the situation. Sucks that we got robbed but life goes on.

Exactly, nothing that we can do right now.

Better to learn from the mistake and go on.

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The title is not that misleading after all. That accumulated volume of LEO can actually pay for a month's rent or more.

There's a bright future for LEO. I hope I can get some capital to accumulate before it pumps.

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Now you have a great chance. Hope you are taking the opportunity to accumulate some more!

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Yeah. I am

Your title wasn't entirely misleading, it's so sad I hardly know much about wrapping and the liquidity stuff. I love your pattern and methods

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Thanks, jose :) It's misleading in the sense that I don't clarify that I used 15K$ provided to be eligible to receive that 400$ payment

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What a terrific post. A lot contained in here.

This shows how we are seeing "real money" being generated. The fact that you could have paid your rent shows the value of what is being created.

We still are in the early stages, I agree. Over time, as buildout continues, we should see an even greater price on the token.

It is all feeding the same pot.

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Even taking in consideration that I'm a trader (and thus trading things for a profit), I value a lot the value of LeoFinance as a real community emerging.

That hack was a very unfortunate thing, but hopefully Khal and the team will find a solution.

Hope you're fine.
Best wishes for you task!

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Impressive returns and making a living from LEO or from cryptocurrencies in general is a dream we all have. Keep it going and continue to make LEO great!

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It's still early to say that (and I don't want to count on it).

Also thank you for your continuous support :)

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Very smart moves on your part for sure!

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Thanks dan, take some love back :)

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I can only say a very big congratulation on your massive earnings. Lambo is next. Cheers!

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What if don't like lambos? I'm more sold into the idea of an amazing skoda hahaha

Cheers for you gandhi!

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which is more than enough to cover my already suppressed 'student expenses'.

I wish I have that much understanding on finance on my student life.

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Oh, I'm such a loser in real life.

But most people don't know anything about this shit.

Thanks for the compliment btw

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"All's well that ends well". Never matter what happened before it 😀.

Now we can start charting $wLEO in a decent way; (coinmarketcap listing blessing)

Check charts.cointrader.pro

I had no idea this site existed.

What a find!

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Hope you're enjoying it as I am.

Did you notice that you can chart the supply of coins? This is soo cool.

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Posts like these will sever as great marketing for LEO platform! I really should have paid more attention to LEO. On the other hand I did have lot of fun going around all the other Hive Dapps. So its still cool in retrospect.

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Decent opportunity to buy now if you feel confident about Leofinance future.

Cheers! And thanks for the compliment ^^

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Thats freaking awesome, if LEO could pay even 1 month of my rent for the year I'd be freaking stoked, going to make that a goal of mine going forward

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Hey hey hey, now you have a new goal to work towards.

It isn't a bad goal itself (generate 1 month a year worth of earnings) but I prefer 'recurring' income.

Example: secure 1/5 of monthly rent in 'passive income'/staking coins.

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You've done very well and where at the right time, I suppose.
With KOIN I provided my first ever liquidity to Uniswap; Just to get some experience with the process and the results.
I do wonder, if the price at which we step into providing liquidity, is a factor of some sort.
BTW, I do love the speed of developments by the LEO team; They other day the integration of MetaMask... Wonderful! Hope this will drive ETH users to start using LEO and with LEO, the HIVE chain. I think it'll for sure drive LEO's value.

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I'm not interested in KOIN, and if you're trying to get some experience with Uniswap IMO the best option is to try to blue-chip pools here https://app.uniswap.org/#/uni

You'll be receiving some UNI, and you're secured with very liquid coins.

LeoFinance development is like a marathon, constant progress which keeps adding up.

Hope you have a god day.

  ·  3 months ago (edited)

Like to get more LEO and enter the wLEO liquidity, but not sure if that is up and running again. Still in the process of finding a new home for my Steem I still have...LEO seems a nice new home for them :)

KOIN: yea, I somehow trust the KOINOS team is not BSing. Question is: Can they deliver? At least one developer, I respect and think he can go places. Not sure about the leadership though. The team made a few big errors, like the PoW type of mining whilst they wanted to make KOINOS as decentralised as possible; Doesnt add up. Also the ETH based approach is something I dont understand, and think it was not the best decision they could've made. However, if the team can deliver the tech as they promis, I think they'll add something to the crypto universe.

Thanks for the advise! Will look further into the Blue Chip pools.

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I had enough of the STEEM/HIVE drama all these years since late 2017. In my eyes, it's 'another multi-purpose blockchain' with a lot to deliver yet.

I'll stay around, but I'm missing out on this one. Also good luck to you.

Hahaha, I can imagine, And thanks :)

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show off

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The hack fcked me hard.

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Uuaaah! Like a hornet on gasoline!😀
Yestarday I bought 630 leo and today 115😉💪

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Keep it rocking! the chance is here :)