Be Wary of Scams as Price Rises

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         I'm sure many people on LeoFinance have already seen this scam that's running around.

         That's what happens when you have a perceived successful project on a platform. Copycats, opportunists, and scammers start to come out and try to swindle people.

         I don't like scammers. So, I downvoted the post in question and did a bit of quick digging. I found the following related accounts:

         Most of them are not active anyways. But, it might not be a bad idea to sniff out this bad actor in your local communities, be it Discord or whatever.

         In a world where many perceive crypto as a scam, it is imperative that we hold people accountable where we are able. This can be as simple as calling someone out for shady behavior.

         The good news is, the LeoFinance community pushed back. Looks like the fake token isn't gaining much traction.

         The scammer(s) did most of the market making. Good ol' sarge (@sgt-dan) must have bought it for kicks and giggles. Who knows?

         The solution to dealing with this scam token for me is to send them to @null. Your integrity isn't worth the 0.25 HIVE per token. Unless you believe your life is cheaper than $30, then I have no words for you.

         As BTC price continues to rise, I'm sure we will see familiar and new scams popping out everywhere. Be safe out there.

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Thank you for the info! I will be on the lookout for scams. I'm sure there will be more.

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It's concerning, but the implications are also encouraging.

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If I had a Satoshi for every time I get a DM that sez I won 0.4 BTC...

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There are a lot of those too.

I have also no idea why @sgt-dan is interested in buying this fake token.

Lot of user including me got 100 LEOG as airdrop. I am not touching them (not even burning) I guess taking any kind of action with this token will give wrong signals.

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I don't think that 20-30 HIVE you'd get from those tokens are worth it.

I am undecided what to do with token but burn looks better than keeping it untouched.


^^ Burned

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I say you did the right thing.

Yup! I bought that coin and sent it to null! Did not get an airdrop but wanted to be in the LEO Gold Fake Coin Destroyed Club or LEOG FC*D for short.



Lol it's all good.

Actually I thought I had sent it to null, but it was still in my wallet! So I did something even better. I sold it all at rock bottom prices and devalued the LEOG Token. Better yet! Hey, $20.00 USD to teach a bad actor a lesson? Money well spent.

Thank you.

And that's it for the PSA.

I burned it the moment it came into my wallet lol no regrets

Good move.

Sick, noted, thx

Them scammy scams out there.

But then against.. it's kinda obvious, right?


Burned mine


I find the name curious.

Crypto P


Will the real cryptopie please stand up?

Pretty sure they aren't related.

Scams everywhere
Copycat everywhere
One needs to be careful and stay safe

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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