One Hundred For 100th?

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         Some of you have been observing where Hive stands on CoinMarketCap and @coingecko. Recently, Hive has been hovering around #100, give or take.

         Some of you might be panicking, asking yourself why you are holding on to this silly place. Some seemed concerned that HIVE is not riding the alt wave like some of the other coins. At the very least, there has been a recent pump, but the price corrected in a short time.

         During this time, I decided to purchase a bit of HIVE anyhow. In fact, about $100 worth to match the coin's position on the market cap listings. Why $100? No reason outside of my monthly purchases on random stuff.

         Not too long ago, @themarkymark challenged people to buy $10 of HIVE with him. It's not an absurd amount of money to spend. Some dozen folks joined in to do the same.

         Now, close your eyes and picture @nathanmars doing his #hive5 stance. Then, pretend him saying something like #ahundredfor100. Can you imagine if people spend $100 to buy some HIVE? Would that be dumb? Or, would that help increase the total vests smaller players hold on the platform? See if Nathan could come up with some catchy phrases for that.

         (It's too bad you can't do hashtags in a format like #100for100 on Twitter, or blog tags for that matter.)

         It's no financial advice, and I hope that doesn't sound like some sort of pump and dump scheme. There are things to do with your HIVE. Whether you spend them on games or increase your influence, there are more than one use cases.

         At the very worst, I have reached my goal of obtaining at least 15K HP on this particular account.

         So, I guess it isn't all bad.

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Still being vindictively downvoted I see. @kingscrown, don't you realize abusing the downvote feature not only reflects poorly on you but also the platform?

Just like when Bernie does it, it's bad optics my guy.

That's why KC is King Turd.

Better way to pump the price of Hive is to onboard people and Investors to Hive.

Sure, what type of investors?

  • Someone who holds a large amount of coins on exchanges (trading or whatever)?
  • Someone who powers up and partake in governance?
  • Someone who buys a bunch of coins just to reward other people?
  • Someone who buy a bunch of HIVE to spend on services when there exist more variety or even superior alternatives elsewhere?
  • Or, are you looking for some big shot who wants to build something on Hive?

And by onboarding, what type of people are you looking to bring?

  • Seasonal third-world passerby (wannabe content creators) that will leave when the coin dumps?
  • Syndicated materials from content creators whose main traffic does not trickle down to Hive?
  • A bunch of random moms and pops that are here for the sake of a different experience?
  • Or, are you looking for some big shot who would produce content exclusively on Hive?

It's always easy to say "we need more users and investors", but have no clue who to target exactly.

One Target for the entire month of August is Charles Hoskinson.

Are you ready ?

Ill give you 500 dollars if Charles Hoskins ever stakes a single Hive token and its not a meme.

And who's gonna talk to him? Wouldn't make much sense for IO Global to hop in here and build stuff for free.

A great initiative and a good time to add to one's stake. A drop in price is always an opportunity to grow one's account. I started buying at around $1.30 in 2017 and was so excited to get a batch at $.80.

Over the years, I kept buying at lower levels, my lowest being 12 cents.

Anyone who takes advantage of low prices is really helping their accounts. However, one needs to have a belief and vision that Hive will move forward, something few do not have. Instead, they want to be shown what will take place before they buy.

By then, the price will be reflective of what took place.

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Oh yeah, when I started over 2 years ago, I didn't expect to be holding the stake I currently have right now.

I'm buying, for the most part, as a diversification strategy. I'm sticking around to see where things will go.

We're doing HIVE 5 to increase HIVE's Network effects.

It's easy to convince one Billionaire to invest in HIVE than convincing many people to buy 100 HIVE.

What do you think ?

That's why being active on Twitter is super important.

Well, you are the man!

Congrats for buying. I did 10 when markymark suggested it.

I also stopped powering down, but Ill keep selling my liquid payouts until I have confidence again. Hive price isn't even down so much in terms of USD or's a matter of 100 other cryptos doing better. This scares me. I know most aren't better, but I'm biased and numbers don't lie as much as I wish they did.

It can't be helped.

Until there's a clearer vision and direction from the top down, it's stagnation. Decentralized systems require a critical mass before being pushed in any direction.

I agree. Many wanted Hive, but several disagreements over what to do next. After HF254 we will need to work on a serious roadmap and plan with that millions of hive, or it's game over. My target buy price has been lowered several times since March.

By this point, I think a $2 price tag at the top of the bull run is good enough for me.

$2 would be great. I sold a whole bunch at $ 0.7 ~ 1. No regrets especially since the hive was technically free. I even made money off my steem investment but I went hard to average cost down in late 2019 when it got so cheap.

Glad it worked out for you.

The way I see it, I stand to earn more if I hang on to my stake. It would be a mistake to dump. It would just be pump and pump. In 10 years, my stake would be considerable.

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As long as the chain remains stable on the market, there is a return somewhere down the road.

Investing and buying HP has passed through my head many times, the problem for me is that hive is a hobby, if I buy HP to invest, what is my insurance that the ones with the highest reputation some of them will make my life unhappy with down voted and destroy everything for what I worked and invested?
!discovery 15

I think the downvotes are inevitable. Just look at me! Lol

You are also free to choose how you deep you want to jump into the rabbit hole.

Nice! Congrats on hitting the 15k mark! That is what I am gunning for right now. It is a long road though. It would be cool if more people didn't just buy into Hive, but also powered up their rewards instead of cashing them out. That would help the platform as well!

Some people cash out a lot more than others too. So...

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