Something going on with HIVE on the exchanges??

in LeoFinance •  2 months ago 

I logged into Bittrex just now (6th of May) to trade a bit of steam away and lo and behold I noticed something I really did not like.

The Hive wallets are in maintenance...


So I check Binance and I get this when I look for Hive


Some random exclamation mark without any text but just I understand...

Now that got me totally freaking out.
SO after "I understood" (I really did not but had to try)
I transferred 10 hive to finance to make sure and luckily they showed up.

I guess the weird yellow ball of dread was just there to freak me out. And that also means Bittrex is (probably) just doing a regular wallet update for Hive.

Guess I can stop freaking out but after the fork and Justin and the exchanges it pays to be a bit vigilant.

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I don't think there is any problem going on.

Just transfered 100+ hive to binance with no problem.

The message there is probably a bugged message about the memo field.

Bittrex shows wallet maintanance for other coins as well, like ETH, DAI.