Can Small Business Owners Survive During the 2nd Quarantine? (Part 2)

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Hello everyone, i hope you are doing great and be healthy! The quarantine in Greece is still here for good and from what i hear the situation isn't getting better.

In these 2 days since my last post the following happened:

  • It was announced that starting from Monday the elementary schools will be closed as all the other ones. The classes will be through internet
  • 1 out of 3 people in Thessaloniki, the second biggest city in Greece has been either contaminated or has the virus right now
  • The quarantine was suppose to end by the end of November but now the government thinking if the situation remains like this or gets worse to we gonna have quarantine till mid December

Now let's move to small businesses and what's happening to them!

Last time i tried to give you the bigger picture regarding many generic small businesses (clothing stores, tech stores, "insert name" store) as well as letting you know of how easily these stores are affected and can lose money. You can read more HERE

Let's now move to the cafeterias and restaurants. During the quarantine only delivery and take away is permitted. You can imagine beforehand that all those big clubs and music scenes are going straight to hell!

Let's start with the cafeterias. The huge problem they are facing is that they lose way too many customers for various reasons. One of them being that a bunch of them had invested tons of money to give a certain vibe to the cafeteria, for example a great rooftop with view, a cozy place, a rock one etc etc. That vibe or style was the reason some of the customers went there!

Another reason they are losing customers is that only a few will order a coffee not because the quality of coffee itself is bad but most likely it's far away from their house and they used to order only from coffee-chains.

I am a bright example of this, when i am going out with friends we may visit a cafeteria that is 30 minutes by car even an hour. In other words, the taste of coffee isn't what we cared the most, but instead the style, the atmosphere, the view, the people.

Also note that all these great cafeterias are usually in places far from our homes like the center of the city, near a mountain or sea

About the restaurants, what can i say is that they are really doomed. If we exclude the pizza and souvlaki ones which either way ordered from our homes, all the fancy gourmet ones are losing tons of money.

Who will order delivery from one of those restaurants? One of the main reasons visiting aside the taste and to post it on instagram is the presentation of the dishes. What presentation could it possible have when arriving to my house?

Finally, the government gave them a little bit of money, 500 euro and 40% off from their rent. When they may pay 2-3k only for rent/water/electricity

I already have seen some small businesses closing for good and i really hope something to be done to help all those people (which i doubt to be honest). I wish these people that lost their jobs and businesses to be well at the very least...

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I always tell my customers to have six months worth of cash as a buffer...

very good advise, they need to be ready for everything especially in our country :P

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and yet very few people have such reserves ...

so true and i can't tell why... Some may think they got it, others are lazy, others just don't care,other can't think that far who knows?

most of them start with less capital than they should. this is my experience...

Πού είσαι εσύ;;;

πουναιμαι ... εδω ... ειδα φως και μπηκα... ειπα να ξαναρχισω το blogging ... χρονος υπαρχει ... εσυ τι λεει ? ολα καλα ? τη παλευεις με τις πλημμυρες ? πιθανως να κανω μια δουλεια ηρακλειο και να κατεβω μεσα στο μηνα.
νασαι καλα και τα λεμε :)

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Θα ειναι δυσκολο ......

πραγματικα πολλους τους λυπαμαι, ηδη εχω δει στην περιοχη μαγαζια π εκλεισαν οριστικα...

Middle of December?? It will surely be quite difficult for those lovely small business to cope

true... i hope they managed it somehow

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