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In case you are still unaware, @theycallmedan made a post the other day regarding his initiative that pretty much guide us into the realms of LeoFinance!

You just simply need to create a post about how crypto and blockchain tech impacted your personal finances! It doesn't matter if the impact is big or small just write it down and don't worry about a thing! Click below to see his full post with all the rules as well as my post in case you wanna learn more about me and my crypto-journey!

Original CryptoFinance Initiative by theycallmedan

My Super Awesome Post

Initiative's Acceptance & My Role

To tell you the truth this initiative came out of nowhere for me! I was sitting comfortably in my chair curating some posts and among the 20 tabs i had opened, one of them was about this initiative/challenge!

Then as someone who is quite active on Leo, i quickly made a post and then checked for other related posts to read and comment!

It was crazy

It really was! i didn't expect so many posts from people that never been to Leo before as well as already existing ones! To give you a better picture by the time i finished with my post till now, i read and commented on approximately 30 posts.

And i mean i actually read them! The majority of those posts were over 800 words, so you can imagine the time it took, but i really had fun and discovered many common elements that drove all of them into cryptos which i am gonna mention below!


Except for the fact that the initiative was successful in my eyes, i won't talk more about it. Instead, i wanna share with you all what we got in common!

Bitcoin the Father of All

To begin with, mostly every post i read had a BTC related story to tell. Everyone discovered BTC since it was under 200$ but either was scared to invest, couldn't understand what it was or consider it a scam.

Some others invested a bit, but when for example BTC from 100$ went 150$ or by 1$ it went 2$ they quickly sold everything! A lot of them even laughed at others when they informed them about BTC and what it is!

Loss by Mainstream Investments

We all want to get independent and live a good life! In a way i blame some movies that show all these financial institutes and investors that earned millions through their investments.

I also blame the internet and the many scammers that are promising 5 figures amounts if ofc you give them a little something ;) Beyond everything though, i blame each and every single one of us that lost money by a scammer or a bad investment cause we didn't research it as we should (or maybe it was bad luck)

According to what i read many people tried to invest in stocks and such but lost their money. That lead them to research and find ways that will earn some bucks with 0 or just a small fraction of $$

Financial Freedom

Wanting financial freedom is something everyone craves for, but people here are a bit more different. Not only they need financial freedom but financial security.

What i mean by this is that banks or other corporate businesses have screwed them over the years leaving them out of sudden with nothing. I still remember about a post i read, with a guy having his shop tied up with PayPal and a day they told him that somehow "is banned", destroying his business overnight!

Cryptos as Back-Up Plan

Not many people made millions in here but mostly everyone bought something with crypto money. Some bought their groceries, others bought guitars, laptops among other stuff!

Others bought cars, invested in other crypto or traveled to other countries. But among all of these the most awesome in my eyes is the fact that some people paid for their family bills, surgeries even begin to live more decently in countries with extremely low wages!

In other words, mostly everyone used some of their earnings to make their lives a little bit better and the majority of the us in here are saving their cryptos as a back plan because who knows what's gonna happen tomorrow?

Learning Path

Finally, Cryptos opened the way for everyone to start learning. Before we join in these platforms i bet that most of us had no clue whatsoever about crypto/finance in general.

Even if somebody said to us "go and learn what market cap is" we would reply with the F word. That changed with crypto and people from different countries and no matter the age started tp learn slowly and steadily about definitions, terminology, the technology behind the cryptoverse! How freaking cools is that?

Did you find any relation between my post and your stories?

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Nicely described my friend ... It is amazing to see how many people have been affected by crypto in a good way.

The good thing about starting crypto in a platform is that you get to read other people's stories, learn how to protect yourself and be more careful when it comes to scamming etc

Great post!

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exactly katerina! you learn from other people's mistakes as well as what's happening around the world and the common element between us!

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the best part of this amazing cripto world is the process of teaching and learning that we have in this,
we get a lot of knowledge in finance and cripto that have an inigualable value.

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correct! it's a constant learning path!!

thanks for stopping by!

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That's awesome. It does seem like we all share similar stories and come from similar backgrounds! I can't believe the number of people that HIVE has helped in countries with ravaged economies too. It made me much more bullish on HIVE for the simple fact that this project can and does make a huge difference in peoples lives. I've always believed that HIVE would change social media for the better and so many posts I've read have proven that. So bullish on Hive now!

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yes the fact that people from third-world countries or countries that are in crisis manage to make their lives better is the ultimate proof that this system works and i am really happy to be part of it!

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I like how you pulled this together, it summarises the initiative posts nicely and you highlight what is common to the experiences shared....😎

Two-wheeler high-fiving the cop is priceless!

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thanks a lot!! you are also totally right, i just tried to do what you described!

thanks for your comment!

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