Be aware of scammers!

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After reading a blog from @fknmayhem about the popular blockchain game Axie Infinity I decided to look into this game. I read some articles, watched some youtube videos and added myself to the official Discord channel.

Today I received a message from a user named danco | Axie Infinity who claimed there was an airdrop of 1 Mystic Axie.
I’m always suspicious when I get direct messages from unknown people no matter what communication channel I’m using.

I immediately noticed the URL shortener. I booted my sandbox virtual machine to visit the link and what I already expected; it was a scammer!


The website as well as the URL seem legit. It’s HTTPS, so it looks safe. But after the they added
So you’re not on the axieinifinity site, but on
If you would login here they would definitely steal your axies.
When you click the Metamask icon you get redirected to a page where you must enter your wallet seed.
If you do that, they will also rob you from everything that is in there.


This example focuses on Axie infinity, but every popular platform where there is something to gain can and will be targeted.
I've already heard from people here on Hive they have been scammed, so remember to always be on your guard!

Don’t trust anyone you don’t know!

And always check URLs when you’re logging in!

Stay safe!

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Funny, I am targeting for a few weeks by a scammer who sends me texts claiming I have an unpaid bill. Those bastards are everywhere.

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There's also an increase in 'package delivery' phishing around black friday and cyber monday.
Unfortunately these bastards also have to work from home because of Covid-19.

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Thanks for this alert!

Btw bitly, and several older shorteners, can be checked out before opening simply by adding a + at the end of the shortened URLs.

Cool, I didn't knew that!
As I said in the blog I always use a sandbox for these links.
And sometimes Virustotal if I suspect malware.

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