Fake Uniswap app in Google Play Store

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A couple of days ago a fraudulent app claiming to be Uniswap was available on the Google Play store. The app was called “Uniswap Dex” and the publisher was Uniswap Inc.
The app was published on the Play Store on November 10th and already had more than 100 downloads. Twitter user Alex Sounders reported a victim of this scam lost $20,000 dollar.
The app was available for a couple of days on the Google Play Store but is removed now. The app had over 100 positive reviews which were probably fake.


My thoughts

I have my thoughts on doing financial stuff on smartphones. Not only the use of potential malicious apps, but also the increased chance of making mistakes on small screens makes me hesitant to do ‘business’ on my smartphone.

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i keep my crypto as far away as possible from my smartphone. I don't get how these people are not doing a proper research before using such apps.

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Some people are just too gullible.

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Call that karma... :)

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Thanks for the info! I also prefer doing all in my laptop. I have made some mistakes while doing things on the phone. I once voted a comment 100% instead of the post hahaha...

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That's just a minor mistake :)

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