Why I prefer LeoDex Over HiveEngine - Its Not the Fees Only FACTOR...

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Hey All;

I have a habit of checking the price of different Hive-Engine tokens that I possess here on HIVE. To name a few they are LEO, BEE, SIM, PAL, STEM, and others.


Yes, I know that on LeoDex the Deposit and Withdrawl less fee is less when compared to Hive-Engine. On LeoDex the fee is 0.25% and whereas on Hive-Engine the fee is 1%


Decimal Precision is Better on LeoDex

But that's not only the point I prefer LeoDex. The other point I wanted to bring to attention is the decimal precision part.

Have a look at the SIM SELL Order that I placed on Hive-engine::



After placing the SIM SELL order for the market BUY price i.e. 1 SIM for 0.00498. My SELL order for SIM didn't execute. And the same you can observe in the Open Orders image. The order was kept open for quite a long time and then I jumped over to LeoDex to check the Buy/Sell price of SIM.


Check the highlighted part and you will notice the price of BUY SIM is 0.004975. This is the exact price of the person who is willing to BUY SIM. But whereas on Hive-Engine it rounds off the price and made it to 0.004978 and for that reason, my order on Hive-engine didn't execute for a long time. As the Buy and the Sell price didn't match.


On LeoDex the price of the token is placed to the highest precision and there is no rounding off. I canceled the order on Hive-Engine and placed the same on LeoDex with the exact price at which we had the buyer ready for buying at the price of 0.004975 and the order executed immediately within a fraction of seconds.

Order didn't execute on Hive-Engine Check LeoDex

So next time if you notice that your order didn't execute even if you had placed an order at the market price on Hive-Engine. You know where to look and execute your orders. At times we need immediate Swap.HIVE for someone reasons and it's kinda frustrating that the order isn't executing even though we are placing an order at a price for which we have a buyer. The right/exact decimal precision is a must for orders to execute and if they don't match the order will remain OPEN.

Have Your Say..

Did you notice this decimal precision difference on both the exchanges Hive-engine & LeoDex? Which is your preferred exchange LeoDex or Hive-Engine? Let me know your views on the comment box below.

Best Regards

PS:: Image Credits:: leodex, hive-engine

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Thanks for pointing this out, I wasn´t aware about that decimal precision, was just sometimes annoyed when orders are not listed correctly on HE (no wonder if the actual values are truncated!). One reason more to only use Leodex!

Your welcome dear. It was frustrating for me as well, seeing orders not executing when a person is ready to sell at a price the buyer is willing to buy. LeoDex is the solution for this. Cheers

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Leodex is better and I really love it vote multiplier settings too.

Order didn't execute on Hive-Engine

This is very common problem you encounter while buying DEC and SIM and I am completely switch to Leodex for any buy and sell order.

When I use Hive-Engine?
I am not sure but it personally feels to me staking and delegation of token is faster in HE than leodex.

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