Helix Project. Getting things done. New listing on Ionomy

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Helix Project. Getting things done. New listing on Ionomy

We over here at the Helix project are excited to announce the new listing of our token on Ionomy!

Bit of a surprise announcement to you, but we felt it was best this way. Some companies hype the exchange listings ahead of time, to drive scarcity and pump the price of their coin, then when the news hits, the price dumps.

We didn't do this.
We report results, not hype.

We believe in building a stable platform with incremental growth to facilitate a new Internet. No hype needed. Just good old-fashioned substantial growth.

The new partnership with Ionomy, a growing visionary platform in the crypto space, brings us all one step closer to reaching further adoption of our token and helps bring our vision of a truly decentralized Internet to life.

We're happy to say that trading started July 02, 2020 on Ionomy, featuring HLIX-BTC and HLIX-ION pairings. Further on Helix Sharenode markets are scheduled to open Tuesday, July 7 at Midnight UTC, with HLIXsx-HLIX and HLIXsx-BTC pairings.

We are excited about Sharenodes as it reduces the barrier to entry for you to start enjoying the passive earning potential of running a master node, without the start-up cost.

Learn more about the Helix Project here: http://helix-crypto.com/

Read more about the announcement here :

Stay tuned for an upcoming promotion by Ionomy (announcement soon).

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Fantastic news! And really happy to see helix here on hive 🙂