Bitcoin Closing in on $10k | Why I'm Selling Anyway

in LeoFinance •  6 months ago 

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Let me know your thoughts? Think we will break 10k soon?

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I just lost my BR at American's Card Room playing plo.. I'm a fish tho. I just sold my BTC.. waiting for the drop to re enter

Let's hope there will be a drop. Otherwise we'll have to buy the retrace when it goes up to 10,500-12k!

my experience is that short-term trading is only good for burnouts... go mid to long term, often it is more profitable and definitely less stress

Thanks for the advice. Honestly trading takes a lot of my energy which I would rather be spending on making blogs. I'm trying to focus on the 20% of my trading time which generates 80% of my profits. I'm feel I'm wasting lots of time just staring at charts recently.

Everyone has got different tastes and skill sets. There is something for everyone in this game. Discover and stick to what works best for you!

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hodl bro

I used to. I kinda miss those days.

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