Investment in Hive-Engine

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Hello, everyone!

These days I am studying different investment opportunities in Blockchain world. Last time I shared with you How I invest in Binance.

Probably all of you have heard a famous phrase Don't put all your eggs in one basket. So, I try to invest in different projects and take a look at the results.

Today I will share with you my new 'investment basket'.

Maybe many of you already know about it, and even know much more than I do. I learned about that investment opportunity just today. And I don't know how much is it profitable, if it is actually profitable at least a little bit.

In that post I will tell you about Minning tokens in Hive-Engine and in Steem-Engine.

Have you heard about such tokens like LEOM, LEOMM, PALM, CTPM, M, MAPR? These tokens are mining tokens which suppose to bring you dividends.

So, today I bought CTPM, LEOMM, M, MPATH, MAPR tokens. I didn't have much HIVE tokens, so I deposited some SBD and Steems to Hive-engine and exchanged them to HIVE.

As I understood, M and MPATH tokens are tokens from @accelerator. I plan to read more post by that account. I bought 4 M tokens (1 M = 0.92329 HIVE) and 3 MPATH tokens (1 MPATH = 0.49950 HIVE).

MAPR is a @accelerator's mining token in Steem-engine. I bought 15 MAPR tokens (1 MAPR = 1.16200 STEEM). I think that investment is risky, because I don't know will @accelerator keep these tokens in steemit or not. Or maybe that project will be closed as many other projects in steemit after the fork.

I both 10 CTPM tokens (1 CTPM = 2.00000 HIVE). I staked all these tokens, and as I understood I supposed to get dividends in CTP tokens.

And of course I bought LEOMM. I bought just 1 token (1 LEOMM = 8.90000 HIVE), because I didn't have more HIVEs haha. But I plan to buy more, because I really like LeoFinance project! As I understood LEOMM mines LEO tokens, so I suppose to get dividends in LEO tokens.

Actually, I already have AFITX tokens, which were released by @actifit community. These tokens give me some benefits in using actifit platform, and some extra AFIT tokens too.

Investment Gap: I don't know How many miner tokens I need, How much dividends does each mining token bring. But I will keep my eye on it and share my results with you. I don't know is there any site where I can track all my dividends from these tokens. If there is a such site, it will be cool.

Maybe any of you want to suggest me another investment opportunity? Or share your investment strategy?



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I am happy that you are investing but I believe you should invest in the currency not miners as Miners are very difficult to sell. Once bought, there selling price keeps on being low.

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Damn...I didn't think about it 😥
Well, I will see how it works for a week, and if it won't be so profitable, I will try to sell them. Thank you for recommendation

I agree with @arslan.leo and would also like to add that there are a ton of miners and dividend paying services on hive/steemit so it is good to study them prior to investing.

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I mainly used simple delegation to get dividends. So, now I see. This time investment plan wasn't so good :)