DeFi on ETH vs. DeFi on EOS⭐Crypto☆Stars Vitalik & Novogratz vs. Brendan & Larimer👊😆🤼‍♂️⭐

in LeoFinance •  5 months ago 


Vitalik Buterin & Michael Novogratz are cautious of DeFi on Ethereum. On the flipside, Brendan Blumer & Dan Larimer @dan are bullish about DeFi on EOS. 🤷‍♂️

EOSWriter thinks it might have something to do with the fact EOS blockchain is safer, cheaper, highly performant, & scalable.. 🤔

What do you think?🎙

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i dont know on both of them...def is still too fresh for me hhah

love the drawings though!

Lol thanks for leaving a comment!🙏