Thinking of setting up a business? . Part I

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At this precise moment in history many must be thinking, as they remain unemployed, in quarantine, that having had a business for a long time and not working for anyone would have been the best thing. Since their job would not have been at risk or they would not have become unemployed.

However, this is relatively true, as many businesses are closing, and will continue to do so, as current conditions do not necessarily allow any project to remain standing, Or do?.

Then, nowadays it's very easy for some people, especially for those who have family to keep thinking that it's the right time to start a business and in a way we could say that it is, but, not in any area, starting from what is currently happening you have to take more considerations in order to be able to venture into a business Do not you think so?



Why did I say that?

The pandemic has opened up many options, of course, because it has left many needs open, which undoubtedly need to be met, the closure of so many businesses globally and locally, allows one to explore different areas and see how one can profit while meeting a need or solving a problem.

But even so, knowing this, there are some important aspects to consider before undertaking, this is what I want to develop in this publication (and the following one), starting from my little experience in the subject, but if protected by my capacity of logical analysis, so I start with the following:

I consider of vital importance for any business that wants to start, not leaving aside the technology, it is essential to know the different tools we have to reach more people, make us known, facilitate access to these potential customers.

Human relations at this time are limited by strict measures of bio-security in most countries, but this is not an absolute limitation, the possibility of creating something that reaches thousands and even millions of people is literally at hand, a mobile phone, a computer, are essential tools for anyone today, more if we consider it in a business.

So, this first point is of vital importance in any business case, TECHNOLOGY.

We must explore among the thousands of options which is more adapted to our future business and not only that, but become an expert in it, to obtain the best performance.

For now I am concluding with this post, but I will continue making my contribution around this topic...

Thank you very much for reading me.



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